Montessori Academy Pre-school

2018, January 19
Montessori Academy Pre-school 19th January 2018

Montessori Academy offers an extensive and meaningful education to our students by implementing the Montessori philosophy. Our mixed-age classes combine Chinese and Western cultures by including teachers and students from both origins. By now, Montessori Academy has 23 campuses in Sydney, Australia and 3 campuses in Shanghai, 1 campus in Xiamen, 1 campus in Wuhan, 1 campus in Chongqing, China. Given the success of our schools, we are planning to expand and open more campuses in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chongqing and other metropolis cities in China, maintaining our paramount goal of excellence in childhood education. For more campus information, feel free to visit our website:

As a subsidiary under Far East Horizon Education Group, Shanghai Montessori Academy Co., focused on the investment and operation of high-end international kindergartens in China. It builds a wonderful platform to offer splendid beginnings for children lives by adopting the Montessori education system, staffing the kindergartens with quality domestic and overseas teachers, combining Chinese and western cultures together and practicing small-class boutique education. You will find more information on our website:

蒙世学堂幼儿园秉承蒙特梭利教育理念,配备中外籍优质师资,实行小班化双语教学。Montessori Academy是美国蒙特梭利协会(AMS)的会员学校。Montessori Academy品牌创立于澳大利亚。至今,我们在澳大利亚有23所分园,在中国上海有3所分园、厦门一所、武汉一所、重庆一所。 我们将在中国其他重点城市陆续开出分园。我们用挚爱做自己的理想,用责任做自己的使命,让您的孩子收获快乐、充满自信、健康成长,成就最好的自己。学校官网


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