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2018, January 25
Ideas 2 Launch Ltd 25th January 2018

Tapping into traditional plant wellness is on trend in 2017. Tg is a NEW British award winning brand that offers a modern take on ancient ingredients from the Middle Kingdom long known to help folks strengthen their roots and put a spring in their step.

We offer Tg drinks in 2 formats: ready to drink PET bottles and resealable stand-up pouches of teabags.

Our RTD drinks contain real brewed green tea blended with ginseng – a natural adaptogen to help deal better with daily stress – and other fruit & botanicals including a new old “super fruit”. Jujube tastes like sweet dates and carries a goodness punch, so much so there is an old saying in China “3 jujubes a day keeps the medicine man at bay”. Even better, our drinks are low in sugar – less than half of that in coconut water – perfect for folks reducing sugar intake. 3 varieties proudly bottled in Britain.

Our resealable pouches contain pyramid bags of organic and ethical green tea that has been carefully selected for a smooth & delicious taste (already a winner of 3 Great Taste Awards in the UK). 3 varieties, some blended with jujube and other ancient fruit & botanicals. Hand-packed at a premium tea producer in China.

Here are 2 videos that explain our products –
Iced tea –
Hot tea –
Brand message –

Here are 3 testimonials about our drinks –

Nutritional therapist & triathlete –

Dietitian, vlogger & BBC TV health commentator –

MBE holder & successful British/Chinese entrepreneur

Tg. Green tea but like nothing you have brewed before. Smart. Sassy. Social. Drink Up to a well-made you.


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138 Toms Lane, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8NR

Sophia Nadur
Tel: 447767618559

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