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2018, January 25
CCIC London Company Ltd 25th January 2018

Founded in 1991, CCIC London is an independent third-party certification and inspection organisation solely-funded by China Certification & Inspection Group Company. Our global service network spans over 400 offices/labs and 22,000 staff worldwide where we work closely to share best practices and expertise.

With a strong team of experienced experts, we are capable of providing all-around consulting services to help you achieve total compliance by exploring China market access solutions, Chinese laws and regulations, testing and inspection, logistics and customs clearance issues. In particular, we are specialised in:

CCC mark certification

China organic product certification

Food and drink sector consulting services

Chinese vendor/manufacturer on-site verification

CCIC Traceability System for exporting to China

CFDA for cosmetics products

SRRC type approval for radio transmission equipment

NAL for telecoms equipment

中国检验认证集团伦敦有限公司 (CCIC London) 成立于1991年,是中检集团在英国设立的全资子公司,是具有独立法人地位的第三方检查机构,多年来主要从事检验、检测及咨询服务。

在国际贸易方面,CCIC伦敦公司在英国本地拥有一支经验丰富的技术专家团队,可提供相关产品进口中国的全面技术咨询服务, 包括中国法律法规咨询,市场准入解决方案,CCC强制产品认证、中国有机产品认证、进口农食产品及化妆品咨询、产品检测检验、物流及清关等“一站式”服务。


Any inquiries please feel free to contact us:


Ms. Whisky Li

020 3115 1739


Ms. Lilly Liu

020 3115 1729


Ms. Ariel Liang

020 3115 1737

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37-41 Finchley Park, London N12 9JY

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