Practical Translations Ltd. (PracTrans)

2019, April 8
Practical Translations Ltd. (PracTrans) 8th April 2019

Practical Translations Ltd. (PracTrans) was founded in January 2003 and, we are proud to say, has since achieved what few translation companies in China have managed. In just over ten years we have become a member of the Translators Association of China, the American Chamber of Commerce in PR China, and of Canada – China Business Council. Our clientele now spans the entire globe, a testament to the quality and range of translating and interpreting services we provide, and a result of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our long-term development vision is to be a leader in the field of human translation, delivering considerate and delicate translations to our global clients.

We have been in the industry for twelve busy years, always at the forefront of China’s lightning-fast development and the country’s rapid integration into the global economy and business community. We have accumulated a wealth of practical experience in the fields of legal translation, intellectual property and patent translation, energy and environmental protection translation, news and broadcasting translation, medical and pharmaceutical translation, and aerospace translation.

北京品格翻译有限公司(Practical Translations Ltd., PracTrans),成立于2003年1月份,中国译协会员单位。作为一家综合性翻译公司,我们致力于为全球客户提供高品质口、笔译翻译服务。我们的长期愿景是做人工翻译领导者,为客户提供有温度的精致译文。在以下8个专业领域,我们已笔耕不辍16载,并积累了丰富的实践经验:法律翻译、新闻传播翻译、能源与环保翻译、知识产权与专利翻译、投资与金融翻译、建筑工程翻译、机械翻译、医药及医疗器械翻译。

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