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2018, January 25
Kerman & Co LLP 25th January 2018

Kerman & Co LLP is a corporate and commercial law firm in the City of London (UK). We deliver high quality legal services to clients across a range of specialist sectors. All matters are managed by experienced and commercially astute partners, who are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients. We have a long-standing reputation for successfully managing complex deals and disputes. While we have a diverse client base, we specialise in working with small and medium sized listed public companies, entrepreneurs and owner-managed businesses. Over the years we have developed a strong understanding of the challenges facing these types of businesses and we are able to draw on this valuable experience when advising new clients. We regularly advise international businesses who are looking to make a move into the UK market, either by way of acquisition of, or joint venture with an existing UK business, by developing a business presence from scratch or supporting quoted clients on markets such as AIM and NEX. Our experienced team have successfully completed transactions in over 50 countries and territories across the globe including: Africa, Europe, Former Soviet Union, South East Asia, South America and the USA.

Kerman & Co LLP 律师事务所是位于伦敦金融城的一家提供公司与商业法律服务的事务所,我们为各行业的客户提供高质量的法律服务。我们的合伙人有着丰富的从业经验和敏锐的商业头脑,并致力于确保我所的客户获得最优成果。我所在成功处理复杂商业交易和争议方面一直以来享有声誉。;在众多客户中,我们尤其擅长为中小型上市公司,创业公司和自营公司提供法律服务。凭着多年以来在此领域所积累的经验,我们对于此类企业所面临的挑战和问题已有了深入的理解,这些经验令我们在面对类似的新客户时,能够提供更为精准和有效的建议和服务。;我们也经常为有意进入英国市场的国际化公司提供法律服务,我所的此类客户中有些通过收购英国境内公司或与英国境内公司成立合资企业进入英国市场,有些直接在英国境内新设公司,还有些在伦敦证交所创业板(AIM)和独立于伦敦证交所的 NEX 交易市场上市。;我所团队已在包括非洲,欧洲,前苏联国家和地区,东南亚,南美和美国在内的 50 余个国家和地区成功完成了多项交易。

UK Address
200 Strand, London WC2R 1DJ

Joan Yu 于書珮
Head of Asia Pacific 亚太业务主管
Tel: +852 9589 2133

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