Brunel Shipping and Liner Services

2018, January 25
Brunel Shipping and Liner Services 25th January 2018

Established in 1998, Brunel Shipping provides International Freight Forwarding services by Air, Sea, Road and Rail and has grown steadily over this period to become one of the UK’s leading freight forwarding companies. We have done this by providing consistent, flexible and reliable services for our customer’s business. We are accountable to our customers and strive to provide service excellence.

Over the past 5 years Brunel Shipping has expanded and taken the decision to provide industry leading dedicated teams for its European, Air Cargo and Project Cargo divisions – we believe that this has strengthened our core capabilities by adding specialist personnel to each business division, demonstrating to our clients our dedication to being the premier choice for a freight forwarding & logistics partner.


 Brunel Shipping成立于1998年,专注于提供空运,海运,公路和铁路运输的国际货运服务,自成立以来,通过为客户提供完整,灵活,可信赖的服务,业绩稳步增长,成为英国领先的货运代理公司之一。我们始终秉承对客户负责的态度,并努力提供卓越的服务

过去5年来,我们为每个分支公司 Brunel European, Brunel Air Cargo和Brunel Project Cargo聘请最优秀的专业团队,我们相信这会增强我们的核心能力,也向客户表明我们致力于成为首选货代和物流合作伙伴。

Vertical markets we work in  工作领域:

  • Automotive                                    汽车
  • Retail                                             零售
  • Hi-Tech & Consumer Electronics  高科技与消费电子产品
  • Pharmaceuticals                           制药
  • Chemicals & Dangerous Goods   化工和危险品
  • Marine & Ship Spares in transit    海运和船舶备件运输
  • Aerospace & Defence                  航空航天与国防
  • Beverages & Food                       饮料与食品


If you would like to learn more about the services we provide, please reach out to the following contacts to discuss your requirements



UK Contact  英国联系人

Michael White – Group Operations Director  集团总监

Tel: +44(0)1268 243610



Mark Scanlon – Commercial Director  商业总监

Tel: +44(0)1753 685900



China Contact  中国区联系人

Alan Cheng – Sales Manager  销售经理

Tel: +86 1881 398 2871

QQ: 2265920407





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