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2018, January 25
Webcertain Group Ltd 25th January 2018


Webcertain is a leading international digital marketing agency operating in over 40 languages. We are your one-stop partner for all your international digital marketing needs including SEO, Biddable Media, Content Marketing, Social Media and Translation. Our combined linguistic, cultural and technical expertise allows us to develop strategies and run fully localised and culturally accurate campaigns that deliver results in as many markets. Being flexible means that we can scale things up for our global clients as well as, deliver customised solutions for our small-medium sized clients. Our offices are located in the UK and Barcelona with regional locations around world to offer our clients local support when needed.
Webcertain is also the company behind the International Search Summit – an event series dedicated to international and multilingual search that goes further than any other event to dig deep into the issues involved in global marketing campaigns. Since its inception, Webcertain has been passionate about sharing global marketing knowledge and has been developing new ways of doing so to a wider audience for the last 15 years! We share industry trends and latest development relating to international digital marketing via our online TV Channel (WebcertainTV) and Know-How platform which is available to subscribers.
Additionally, Webcertain runs the International Marketing School based Barcelona, which delivers intensive search marketing training courses for digital marketing professionals who are responsible for managing multiple languages and countries online.
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/webcertain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/webcertain
Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Webcertain
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/webcertain
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/webcertain/


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Blackthorn House, Northminster Business Park, York, YO26 6QW

Christina Xu
Senior Business Solutions Manager
Tel: 01904780030,ext 524

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