Beijing North Head Consulting Co.,Ltd.

2019, January 25
Beijing North Head Consulting Co.,Ltd. 25th January 2019

North Head is an independent strategic communications and public affairs consultancy with a clear China focus. We specialize in partnering with either multinational companies operating in this dynamic but challenging market or supporting Chinese companies extending their reach globally. We also work with trade associations, governments, NGOs and educational institutions. Focused on a research and knowledge based approach, we are architects of landmark thinking and insights on integrating stakeholder relations and reputation management. North Head has strong media and government relations in China, with an extension to major Asia cities. Experienced team led by senior PR and PA veterans, acknowledged as the best agency for issues and crisis management in 2011 and Consultancy of the Year 2013, 2015, and 2017 by Public Affairs Asia. We provide a full range of integrated services across multiple industries; we are particularly strong in B2B communications, especially in the sectors of Pharmaceutics, Agriculture and Bio-technology, Information and Technology, and Chemicals.

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