Chinawand Managed Sourcing Co., Ltd

2018, January 19
Chinawand Managed Sourcing Co., Ltd 19th January 2018

Established in Shanghai 2010, Chinawand offer our skills and experience to overseas companies looking to also benefit from having a trusted presence in China. Our strengths are supply chain management encompassing sourcing, factory management/liaison and shipment planning. We use our team and resources to source, inspect and supply the products that clients need at the right price and quality.

We also offer our TBO service with dedicated team member(s) to manage your China activities, in-step with our daily management support to avoid any wrong turns. This service is open book. We handle everything China side incorporating procurement, supply chain management and quality control for your company, with total transparency. This service is very scale-able and offers everything you could need in a China-based branch of your business.

UK Address

China Address 
Suite 911, 1600 Jiangning Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China (200060)


Ian J Lowsley
Managing Director
Tel: 0086 15800749622

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