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2018, January 25
Regent Visas 25th January 2018

REGENT VISAS is a professional, dynamic company with a fresh approach and 50 years of combined experience. Our central London office is located close to all Embassies so we can respond quickly to your last-minute visa and passport requests. Quality of the service is our main goal. In REGENT VISAS we have dedicated teams, which will build a strong relationship with you and be on hand to deal with your specific needs.
REGENT UK IMMIGRATION is a division of REGENT VISAS, responsible for providing UK immigration advice and making applications for all UK visas on their client’s behalf. We are registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner at level 3 (the highest level) and provide end to end support for all UK immigration applications irrespective of its complexity. Our consultants have over 12 years combined experience in providing UK immigration advice and supporting a broad range of visa applications to the United Kingdom.

Our portfolio of services includes:

1. Providing visas to most worldwide destinations
2. Offering a form filling, checking service & passport photos service
3. Obtaining Saudi, Russian, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan etc invites
4. Providing cost effective Saudi Medicals (and others)
5. Obtaining Legalisations, Translations and Foreign & Commonwealth Office apostilisations
6. Providing a courier service, including motorbikes for collections & deliveries
7. Providing a meet & greet service at Heathrow & Gatwick airports
8. Processing UK Immigration / Visas order

拥有50年丰富经验的REGENT VISAS是一家专业认真而且充满活力的公司,擅长采用创新高效的办事方法。我们的办事处位于伦敦市中心的便利位置,邻近世界各国所有大使馆,让我们得以更高效快速地处理任何最后一刻的签证和护照申请。我们以高质量的服务为首要目标。REGENT VISAS的专责团队将与您建立紧密牢固的合作关系,并随时满足您的任何具体需求。
REGENT UK IMMIGRATION是REGENT VISAS其中一个部门,专门负责提供有关移民英国的专业意见咨询服务,并代表客户申请任何类型的英国签证。我们是英国移民事务专员办公室 (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) 第3级别(最高级别)的注册顾问,无论个案有多复杂,我们也致力于为所有英国移民申请人提供最专业的端到端支持服务。我们的顾问团队拥有超过12年丰富经验,提供可靠的英国移民咨询服务,并协助客户申请办理一系列不同的英国签证。


1. 提供前往全球大多数目的地的签证
2. 提供申请表格填写和复查服务,也帮申请人拍摄护照照片
3. 获取沙特阿拉伯、俄罗斯、阿塞拜疆、哈萨克斯坦等地区的签证邀请函
4. 提供价格合理的沙特签证身体检查服务(及其他)
5. 获取认证和翻译服务,以及英国外交及联邦事务部的认证
6. 提供快递服务,包括使用摩托车收件和发件
7. 在伦敦希思罗机场和伦敦盖特威克机场提供接送服务
8. 处理英国移民/签证申请

UK Address
162-168 Regent Street, Office 325 Linen Hall, W1B 5TE, LONDON, UK

Maciej Malicki
General Manager
Tel: 02070390152

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