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2018, January 19
Salesupply UK 19th January 2018

Salesupply is a cross border ecommerce expert with offices in 14 countries worldwide, including in China. Our full range of scalable solutions helps companies succeed in new online markets. We are a truly international organisation offering market entry research, warehousing and fulfilment, VAT management, local language customer service and digital marketing. Our colleagues across the globe are there for whatever you need.
Our Shanghai office offers experts in Chinese ecommerce marketing and a dedicated local language customer service department. We are well versed in all options for companies looking for access to the world’s largest ecommerce market including Chinese social media platforms such as We Chat, a key tool to reaching and selling to the right people. Key to our offering is Salesupply’s close ties with Far Group Holdings, offering an embedded logistics solution from import to last mile delivery. We make every province a reachable destination.
We don’t offer just one solution, we work with our customers to ensure the right path is taken. Whether this is WeChat, TMall, TaoBao, your own website or a combination of multiple channels, we are well versed in researching the market, assessing the competition and implementing pro-active steps to maximise your success.

<p>Salesupply 是跨界电子商务专家,在全世界包括在中国的 14 个国家设有办事处。 我们全方位的可扩展方案可以帮助企业在新的市场走上成功之路。 我们是一个信赖度很高的跨国公司,不仅提供市场调查研究、 仓储和物流管理、 增值税管理,还提供当地语言的客户服务和电子营销。 我们分布在全球各地的工作人员会为你随时提供量身定制的服务。<br />
我们上海分公司提供中国电子商务市场营销的专家咨询及本地语言的客户服务。我们的专家精通如何进入全球最大的电子商务市场,包括充分利用中国的社交媒体如微信 – 买家和卖家交流的一个重要平台。 我们与远东控股集团有限公司有着紧密的合作关系,所以我们能够提供嵌入式的物流解决方案 – 从进口开始到 送到末端客户手中 我们可以提供全程服务<br />
我们不只提供一个解决方案,我们与我们的客户一起合作以确保采取正确的途径。 不管这是微信,天猫、 淘宝、 您自己的网站或多种媒体的混合,我们强大的专家队伍会深入市场研究、 评估竞争对手和实施积极的方案,帮你取得最大的成功。</p>

UK Address
5 Station Court, Station Lane, Hethersett

China Address 
Room 601, Building 3, Zhujiang Creative Center, No. 695 Lingshi Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai China

上海市闸北区灵石路695号珠江创意中心三号楼601室 中国

Frank Van Den Berg 弗兰克·范登伯格
Managing Director 常务董事
Tel: +44 1223 790538

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