Office & Operations Manager

2021, October 15
Office & Operations Manager 15th October 2021

The Women Empowerment Council, initiated by SCHSAsia and AmCham China, is an engaged network of leaders and decision-makers that aims to advance gender equality in businesses in China and beyond. Members are multinational companies who understand that gender equality, sustainable development, and business success are inextricably linked. With WEC’s goal to be the collective thought leader on women empowerment, our team executes meetings, events, and projects that enable us to share best practices, close gender gaps, and move the needle.
We are seeking a person who is passionate about women empowerment and thrives in a start-up work environment. The Office & Operations Manager should be capable of managing budgets, organizing vendors and contracts, and optimizing IT and HR systems and processes. The ideal candidate is bilingual, customer service-oriented, organized, and pays close attention to detail.

Overall Expectations
• Apply strategic thinking to add value and increase productivity
• Maintain high standards and quality in communications and all assignments
• Actively participate in team discussions and be a supportive and collaborative team member
• Network and promote WEC where appropriate (image and reputation in market)
• Be a positive, professional, and responsible team member who contributes to the growth of WEC
• Continually take initiative, solve problems, and suggest improvements (growth and processes)
Role Responsibilities
• Set-up, implement, and refine operation policies and procedures
• Oversee budgeting, reporting, planning, and auditing
• Assess and improve team workflow, employee and space requirements, and office equipment
• Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and in compliance with relevant laws
• Maintain relationships with clients (member companies) and vendors
• Review and approve all invoices and terms and ensure they are sent to ‘client’ for payment
• Advise, support, and manage HR processes including recruiting, on-boarding, and training as needed
• Manage employee / contractor contracts and compensation
• Manage and maintain internal IT platforms to ensure quality and consistency and support external facing IT platforms (marketing)
• Be accountable, organized, and detail-oriented to ensure smooth operations
• Strengthen client relations (member companies)
• Support WEC consulting, projects, and events as needed

• Bachelors degree (preferably in relevant major)
• 3+ years of experience managing office/operations
• Good communication skills (English and Mandarin)

• Strong understanding of finance, HR, and IT
• Experience working with corporate clients
• Small business/start-up experience


Ideal start date:  October 2021
To apply send your CV and cover letter to:

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