Operations Manager

2021, March 23
Operations Manager 23rd March 2021

Our Company

AppInChina is a Beijing-based tech company that enables international companies to localize, publish, promote and monetize their software in China. We are a team of smart, entrepreneurial, highly-motivated people and we’re looking for the most capable people we can find to join us. Our goal is to build a global tech company on the same scale as Amazon, Tencent, and Alibaba, and we’re on our way to achieving this with 10x growth over the past 3 years.



What do we offer?

  • An exciting entrepreneurial environment within an established, profitable and
    rapidly growing company.
  • A team of smart, highly-motivated colleagues to work with and learn from.
  • An amazing office space in the heart of Guomao, including free membership of
    Beijing’s best gym: Trainyard.
  • Flexible holidays and work times.
  • Generous salaries and performance-based bonuses.
  • Social insurance and housing fund payments based upon your pre-tax salary,
    as well as work visas for non-Chinese staff.


  • 一家稳定盈利和快速增长,并拥有令人兴奋的创业环境的企业
  • 与这只充满聪慧和有志之士组成的团队一起工作和学习
  •  位于国贸核心区舒适的办公室环境,雇员可免费享受北京最棒的健身房Trainyard。
  • 相对灵活的假期和工作时间。
  • 丰厚的薪水和绩效奖金。
  • 给予规定的保障待遇,包括五险一金。同时为非中国籍员工提供工作签证。

What will you do?

You’ll be responsible for ensuring Operational Excellence within our company’s operations department. Your goal will be to deliver the best possible results for our clients’ software in the Chinese market, including working on localization, publishing, hosting, payment processing and user acquisition. Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Management of existing staff
  • Hiring of new staff
  • Improvement of our existing services
  • Development of new services and products
  • Improvement of our internal processes, including automation in
    cooperation with our tech team
  • Ensure clear communication with our clients, and between your
    department and other departments within our company
  • Develop a culture of Operational Excellence within your department
    Your results will be measured by a series of metrics that you’ll be aiming to
    improve over time and you’ll be rewarded with salary increases and bonuses
    according to your performance.


您将负责确保公司运营部门内的卓越运营。 您需为我们客户的软件在中国市场实现最优成果而努力,包括实现产品的落地、发行、托管、支付处理与用户获取。

  • 管理现有部门员工
  • 改善现有的服务
  • 开发新服务和产品
  • 改进内部流程,包括与技术团队合作而提高自动化
  • 确保您的部门与客户和公司内部门之间的清晰沟通
  • 在部门内开拓业精于勤的运营文化
  • 我们将采用一系列措施测评您的工作成果,随着您不断的进步和提高,我们会根据您的表

What will you bring to our team?

  • Experience with successfully managing operational teams and establishing a
    culture of Operational Excellence.
  •  Experience with maintaining and improving operational standards.
  • A track record of innovation and development of new products and services.
  • Native-level Chinese language and fluent English. Your English level must be
    high enough to be able to clearly communicate complex concepts by phone and
    email with a minimal error rate.
  • A logical mind that can determine the best solution to issues and challenges as
    they arise, and design improvements to existing processes.
  • A high level of attention to detail in order to minimize errors in your daily work.
  • A strong work ethic and independent attitude.
  • A love of learning that enables you to continuously improve your skill set and
    adapt to a rapidly changing industry.
  • A strong understanding of software and the mobile industry. Programming
    ability is preferred but not essential.


  • 具有成功管理运营团队和建立卓越运营文化的经验。
  • 具有维护和改进运营标准的经验。
  • 创新和新产品和服务开发的记录。
  • 需要母语为汉语,且英语流利。英文能力水平需达到能够以最小瑕疵的通过电话和
  • 拥有优秀的逻辑思维以应对问题和挑战,对现有流程提出设计改进的能力。
  • 对细节高度重视以在日常工作中最大程度避免错误。
  • 高品质的职业道德和独立态度。
  • 热衷不断学习和提高技能,以适应快速变化的行业。
  • 对软件和移动行业有深刻的了解。拥有 编程能力者为佳,但不是必需的。

How to apply?

Email your CV to us at: hr@appinchina.co



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