Policy Analyst

2018, May 8
Policy Analyst 8th May 2018

Key Responsibilities:


Job description

  • The Policy Analyst will work in close collaboration with the head of the office to research and produce our full range of member communications. In addition to developing a working knowledge of the broad range of issues that the CBI covers, s/he will be expected to specialise and take the lead on particular policy topics when required.
  • S/he will help the Chief Representative to devise and implement information campaigns and lobbying strategies in addition to supporting existing Councils and Working Groups. This will require liaison with companies and other trade associations, Embassies and CBI staff in the UK and across the CBI’s international network (US, Europe, India).
  • The job holder will be required to represent the CBI to external audiences, including senior business and political figures.
  • A key role will be to manage and maintain the office’s existing member & information management systems in addition to developing and expanding the policy and research function of the office.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area (e.g. politics, economics, trade policy, international relations). A postgraduate degree is not essential, but commitment to ongoing learning and self-development must be demonstrated.
  • Specialist knowledge in a particular area (e.g. trade policy, regulatory affairs) is a plus. With a native English language level He/She must also be able to demonstrate an understanding of policy in the international context; an in-depth knowledge of Chinese economics, politics and language is also required.
  • Excellent written and oral presentation skills. The analyst must be able to analyse, prepare and explain complex issues to a variety of audiences.
  • Working experience in a membership based organisation, international business or governmental department would be desirable.
  • S/he will be required to network and commercialise contacts across the CBI’s China and regional networks.
  • Must be a self-starter, willing to take responsibility for project work in a team and deliver results with limited managerial oversight.
  • Must have a minimum of two years working experience in China to comply with local regulations.


Salary: 18,000 rmb/month
Start date: August 2018 (tbc)
Applications: Please send CV and cover letter to: cbi.china@gmail.com .
Thank you for your interest in the CBI

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