Programme Manager

2022, April 1
Programme Manager 1st April 2022

This is a full-time position that requires working very fast to (in English):

  • Oversee the delivery of two inter-linked projects and their deliverables
  • Manage a team of interns and consultants including delegating tasks and holding weekly team meetings
  • Develop project plans that track, monitor and plan the delivery of each project and use online project tools to implement those plans
  • Co-ordinate in-depth research and data collection on the development of decolonization across climate change, global health and development
  • Collaborate with external partners and build effective relationships that help to meet the goals of the programme

You’ll need:

  • Experience of overseeing projects and monitoring the implementation of deliverables
  • Experience of working with external stakeholders and building effective relationships
  • Knowledge of the decolonisation movement, global health and development
  • Qualifications in economics, international law or public health ideally MSc/MA or above
  • High confidence with statistics and data – eye for detail
  • Able to collaborate and work well within a busy team
  • Efficient and able to deliver work to tight deadlines
  • Ability to manage a team of consultants and interns

How to apply:

Email CV and cover letter to

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