Research Lead

2022, July 28
Research Lead 28th July 2022

Venture Education is a Beijing-based consultancy that empowers UK education in China through research, projects and consultancy. Our team is a mixture of former teachers, university lecturers, education professionals, research analysts and project leaders. Our clients include governments, universities, school groups and international education organisations. 


What will this role involve?


  1. Bespoke research reports: Producing insightful reports for governmental and commercial clients. This will involve desk research, effective surveys, interviews, deep analysis and forming smart insight that can truly help organisations to thrive.


  1. Subscription services: Working with our school subscribers across China to provide news analysis, intelligence on market trends, research reports on key areas for the sectors, and ongoing consultancy for their leadership.


  1. Social media: Creating interesting and engaging content, both written and infographics, for a range of different platforms in both English and Chinese; building follower numbers, connecting with the industry, and driving business development.


  1. Public research: You will regularly generate freely available reports, or manage interns and university students on work placements to do so. These reports need to be concise, compelling and creative; they are the gateway for many to our company.


  1. Policy and regulations: Understanding changes in policy and regulations around education in China will be an essential component of your role. As will being able to interpret intelligently, read between the lines, and advise our partners.


  1. Data management: Managing the integrity, security and orderly filing of the data from our varied projects and partners will protect our stakeholders, maintain our strong reputation, and create an asset for future research.


Who is perfect for this role?


Truthfully, after a number of years, we have come to learn that great research analysts are kind of born that way. Most people had to do research at university, but this does not make them a researcher. Being annoyed that two news articles on Penguins in the Antarctic which you just read have slightly different details, then spending an hour of your own time going down an internet rabbit hole to work out  out what is going on… that might make you a researcher. As would noticing the fact that the last sentence used the word “out” twice in a row. If people have used words like “fastidious”, “fussy”, “nerdy”, “meticulous”, “detail-oriented”, “geeky” and “pedantic” to describe you your whole life, we really want to get to know you.


But let us be clear, we also want to know that other words have surrounded you too like “compassionate”, “supportive” and “good humoured”. We are a small team that does amazing things because we care about education, work closely together and enjoy being around each other every day in the office.


What else do we need?

  • Native fluency in Chinese; you will be reading a lot of policy and really need to understand the nuance. In our experience, people who’ve grown up with some element of cross cultural upbringing can add a really unique perspective to what we do.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal.
  • A bachelor’s degree and two years of work experience; ideally working in research, consultancy, policy and/or education.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment. While we value the experiences of anyone who has worked in a large corporate or governmental organisation, we move five times faster and change path as we go.
  • We love people who love reading. Anything related to your role, yes, but also new policies, newspapers, novels, journal articles and LinkedIn posts. It’s great if your head is filled with words and ideas.
  • Ability to analyse data, identify trends & connections and present findings clearly and accurately through graphics and writing. Anyone can write an 80 page report, but can you condense 80 pages into one diagram?


If you don’t fulfil every one of the above but still think you have something meaningful to offer the role? Please still get in touch. We believe in everyone’s potential and some of most incredible team members have come from extremely diverse backgrounds, experiences, and jobs.


We offer:

  • A positive, energetic and enterprising work environment
  • The opportunity to build your work experience around your own personal and professional development goals
  • A huge variety of interesting projects with diverse partners
  • We are members of the American, Australian, British and Canadian Chambers of Commerce; so you will be too!
  • Two retreats a year next to the Great Wall
  • Opportunities to travel to different cities in China


Job Details

  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Monthly salary: 17,000 RMB
  • Work Visa (Z-visa) provided for non-Chinese nationals
  • Medical Insurance provided


If you are interested in applying, please email your CV and cover letter setting out your motivations and suitability to

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