Ross Parsonage – running for At-large Member

I moved to Beijing from the UK in 1999.  It has been my home ever since. I have been fortunate to build a career, a business, a family and a community of friends in the Chinese capital. Today my family and I find ourselves locked out of China due to COVID-19 (like many other British Nationals). My wife’s Beijing yoga business closed.  And yet, our desire to return to Beijing, and to be of service to the broader community, is as strong as ever.

If elected to the Executive Committee for another year I will seek to provide the same kind of personal and professional support I have gratefully received from the British Chamber and the British business community over the years.

In a professional capacity, consulting for Rouse, a globally recognized intellectual property (IP) consultancy firm, I look forward to working constructively with the Chamber, its members and both the UK and China Governments to create positive change (and understanding) within the legal, IP and business environment.

In a personal capacity, I will seek to bring positivity, professional kindness and mindfulness to all of the Chamber activities, to help British businesses and families tackle ongoing COVID-19 related uncertainty and challenges, and insure that the Chamber continues to support and encourage all of its members (and their families) to make the most of their time in Beijing.

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