Russell Brown – Treasurer

I am Russell Brown, Managing Partner of LehmanBrown International Accountants, who has been  an active member of the Chamber since 2002, and I have been part of the evolution of the Chamber since then, including serving on EXCO for 8 years from 2006 to 2014 in the capacity of Treasurer, Vice Chair and Chair between 2012 and 2014.

It is critical for the Chamber during these current troubled times to have a good team to steer it through the various storms it may face. The financial management of the Chamber is a key part of this, not just in terms of its accounts, but its navigation through the turbulent waters, planning and knowing how to sail through them.

I am a Fellow of ICAEW and CIMA. I have experience in helping many membership organisations in China, and am also very familiar with the Chamber’s operations. Therefore, I believe that I can make a contribution to EXCO, the Chamber, and ultimately to you its members. I am delighted that I have this opportunity to be running for Treasurer and I hope you will support my nomination, and welcome me back to EXCO.

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