2022, September 28

Savills is a leading global real estate service provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company, established in 1855, has a rich heritage with unrivalled growth. It is a company that leads rather than follows, and now has 200 offices and associates throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.

Career opportunities exist for talented people who possess the highest ethical and professional standards, who will work together with our clients to develop effective strategies and provide professional services quickly and efficiently.



  1. Participate in the research and planning of the project and assist in the report.
  2. Participate in customer negotiation and matters related to agency work.
  3. Find target customers, develop effective customers and actively maintain customer relationships.
  4. Familiar with changes in Beijing’s real estate and commercial market, understanding the latest market information, and have keen market observation and analysis capabilities. 


  1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, business management or related fields.
  2. Fluently in English, preferably with overseas study or work experience.
  3. More than two years of let house for commercial use or agency work experience, familiar with international luxury and high fashion brands.
  4. Good communication, negotiated and coordination skills with good appearance.
  5. Excellent team spirit, undertaking work pressure.



IT Operation Officer


1.Formulate the platform business category expansion plan according to the needs of business scenarios.

2.Expand the online cooperation between local merchants to negotiate property management projects.

3.Develop and execute platform partner contract signing and management.

4.Visual quality supervision and management of partner product launch specifications.

5.Optimizing the management of upstream and downstream partners and business background operation of partners.

6.Daily operation and maintenance of WeChat official account.

7.Value-added business copywriting planning, editorial writing, photo shooting, information collection, layout design, visual design, etc.

8.Assist superior leaders to complete other daily work.



1.Have more than 2 years of work experience in the real estate industry, real estate technology, community business, WeChat ecology, and life service-related companies as operational business support.

2.Be able to use relevant design software proficiently and be responsible for the management of product business on and off the platform, such as the main picture, detail page, homepage decoration, festival posters, picture production. have strong text expression ability, proficient in using Office software.

3.Have business operation experience, familiar with bidding process and contract management process.

4.Good self-learning ability and team spirit, sense of responsibility and strong communication skills.

5.The ability to handle complex affairs and internal and external coordination, be able to work under pressure, be patient and meticulous, be positive and optimistic, and be able to stand hard work.




  1. Responsible for the research on land and projects in the real estate market, and the entry, updating and maintenance of the database
  2. Assist in the Beijing real estate market report
  3. Complete other tasks arranged by superiors



  1. Undergraduate students or above
  2. Real estate related majors are preference
  3. Fresh graduates are welcome to join, and they can sign an agreement of full-time contract if you perform outstandingly.
  4. Fluent in English.
  5. Working hours: least 3 days a week.

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