Scheduling/Administrative Employee 调度/行政专员

2021, September 22
Scheduling/Administrative Employee 调度/行政专员 22nd September 2021

Responsibilities 工作职责:

  • Communicate and assure the link between the Technical Department and the Front Office while creating and updating administrative data in the system based on technical diagnostics of repair jobs;


  • Ensure the daily work assignments while take into account and respect the lead times according to Patek Philippe Standards. Follow up closely on repair jobs with all involved teams and take active measures whenever there are changes to the Schedule;

确保日常工作分配,同时根据百达翡丽标准考虑并尊重完工交货时间。 与所有相关团队密切跟进维修工作,并在时间表发生变化时采取积极措施;

  • Organize and overview Logistic movements between Beijing customer service and other partners;


  • Assist the managers to organize office operational talks and general maintenance activities;


  • Keep record of the Repair inventory at all times and organize routine inspections. Monitor the accuracy of Repair Job Statuses. Follow up on critical information with the different teams (Stock delays, tech. delays, QC Delays) and update information in the system. Generate priorities listings for Repair jobs in order to maintain the lead times. Overview the Admin completion of all repairs and coordinate with front office team;

随时记录维修库存并组织例行检查,监控维修作业统计信息的准确性;跟进不同团队的关键信息(库存延迟、技术延迟、QC 延迟)并更新系统中的信息;为维修工作生成优先列表以确保维修周期;


  • Organize and overview logistic Movements between Beijing and Shanghai;


  • Ensures the accuracy and reliability of RJ data in the System. Convert technical diagnostics in to the system and deliver all information to the front office to communicate with the client. Take the pics for daily receive watches;


  • Collecting weekly and monthly data related to the service operation. Participates in the implementation of action plans and new processes that have been validated.



Qualifications 任职要求:

  • University graduate in a related field;


  • 2 to 3 years’ experience in production monitoring. (Ideally in an industrial or service setting);

2至3年生产监控经验。 (理想情况下有在工业或服务行行业相关的);

  • Good to very good knowledge of office tools (MS-Office);


  • Availability & Team spirit; Interest in administrative tasks;


  • Excellent Chinese communication skills (oral and written);


  • Good English communication skills (oral and written);

良好的英语沟通能力 (口头及书面);

  • Friendly and cheerful personality.



Applicants are requested to send their CV and expected annual salary to Jacquelyn Li

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