Schroders celebrates 25 years in China with Shanghai office expansion and launch of three new private funds

2019, May 27
Schroders celebrates 25 years in China with Shanghai office expansion and launch of three new private funds 27th May 2019

27 May 2019
Schroders today announced the opening of a new and expanded office in Shanghai, as part of its continued growth trajectory in China, and the launch of three new China private funds, reinforcing its commitment to investing in one of the world’s fastest growing economies. The move also signifies an important milestone in Schroders’ history in China as it celebrates its 25th anniversary of entering this important market.
Schroders’ new office is located in Shanghai World Financial Centre at the heart of Shanghai’s financial and business district.

Peter Harrison, Group CEO, said:

“China has always been an important part of Schroders’ global strategy, both in terms of local market investment capability and distribution. We have been investing heavily here, such as establishing strategic partnerships and hiring the right people on the ground that allows us to better understand and engage with our stakeholders. We offer solutions that address the diversification needs of local investors and to give global investors access to the growing opportunities in China.”To do this, Schroders is structured around a number of strategic capabilities across public and private assets, which combine to meet the needs of the investor.

Lieven Debruyne, CEO, Asia Pacific, said:

“Since starting our China business 25 years ago, we have established ourselves as a trusted expert on global investments for our mainland Chinese clients, and as an experienced China investor for global clients. Our innovative heritage has played an important role in our China buildout, from taking first-mover advantage on our service offerings to product innovation. We will continue to enhance our China capability to ensure we stay relevant to domestic and international investors.”

Over the past years, Schroders has been enhancing its digital capability to establish engaging conversations with investors in China. Apart from making its products available on China’s leading online fund platforms, Schroders has been engaging in investor education directly and digitally via its WeChat channel and more recently through its Ant Fortune “Cai Fu Hao” social media account. Schroders has also partnered with Ant Fortune to launch its InvestIQ test, a digital tool that combines the science of behavioural finance and investor education to help users make more informed investment decisions.

Schroders’ expanding presence in China is a result of its ability to attract some of the best talent in the market. As a global investment manager with over 200 years of history, Schroders has always been nurturing on-the-ground investment and research experts.

David Guo, Head of China Business commented:

“We expanded our IM WFOE team to more than 30 people over the past year, and have added fund managers to the fixed income and multi-asset teams to supplement our A-shares expertise and further enhance our overall China investment capability. Further to the launch of our first China domestic private fund in 2018, I am pleased to announce the launch of three new private funds to serve the unique needs of qualified institutional and high net worth investors in China.”

On top of the Schroder PFM China Total Return Zhihui No.1 (施罗德中国智汇一号私募基金) – an A-shares-focused solution, Schroders has launched* Schroder PFM China Equity Alpha Youxuan No.1 (施罗德中国股票优选一号私募基金), Schroder PFM China Credit Bond No.1 (施罗德中国信用债券一号私募基金), and Schroder PFM China Macro Bond No.1 (施罗德中国宏观债券一号私募基金) on 17 May, bringing the total number of private funds on offer to four.

Over the past quarter century, Schroders has progressed together with China’s asset management industry, and is committed to invest for the future. With its 200 years of experience, Schroders will continue to strengthen its capabilities across ESG, digital technologies, and public and private assets investing, and contribute to China’s growing asset management industry.

* Schroder PFM China Equity Alpha Youxuan No.1 (施罗德中国股票优选一号私募基金), Schroder PFM China Credit Bond No.1 (施罗德中国信用债券一号私募基金), and Schroder PFM China Macro Bond No.1 (施罗德中国宏观债券一号私募基金) were filed with Asset Management Association of China on 17 May 2019.

Schroders Shanghai Office Opening Ceremony

Left 1: Changjiang Pei, Deputy CEO, Haitong Securities
Left 2: Hong Ruan, Chairman, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management
Left 3: Han Xu, Chief Business Officer of Retail and Private Business Sector, Bank of Communications
Left 4: Peter Harrison, Group CEO, Schroders
Middle: Lieven Debruyne, CEO, Asia Pacific, Schroders
Right 4: John Edwards, Consul General, British Consulate-General Shanghai
Right 3: Xinhao Wang, Vice President, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank
Right 2: Bin Deng, Chief Investment Officer, China Pacific Insurance Group
Right 1: David Guo, Head of China Business, Schroders



About Schroders
As a global investment manager, we help institutions, intermediaries and individuals meet their goals, fulfil their ambitions, and prepare for the future. But as the world changes, so do our clients’ needs. That’s why we have a long history of adapting to suit the times and keeping our focus on what matters most to our clients.

Doing this takes experience and expertise. We bring together people and data to spot the trends that will shape the future. This provides a unique perspective which allows us to always invest with conviction. We are responsible for £421.4 billion (€469.5 billion/US$536.7 billion) of assets for our clients who trust us to deliver sustainable returns. We remain determined to build future prosperity for them, and for all of society. Today, we have 4,800 people across six continents who focus on doing just this.

We are a global business that’s managed locally. This allows us to always keep our clients’ needs at the heart of everything we do. For over 200 years and more than seven generations we’ve grown and developed our expertise in tandem with our clients’ needs and interests.

Schroders opened its first representative office in Shanghai in 1994 and was one of the first foreign asset management companies to enter China. In 2005, it partnered with Bank of Communications to establish our joint venture company, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund Management Co., Ltd., to answer investors’ growing needs for fund investments. In 2007 it began working with foreign banks, using their QDII quota to provide clients with overseas investment opportunities. In 2008, Schroders began working closely with Chinese government organisations in managing their overseas investments, and in 2015 with the opening of overseas investments by insurance companies, it is now responsible for managing overseas investments and global assets for some of the largest insurance companies in China. Through its joint venture company, Schroders also offers Mainland China investors overseas investment opportunities. In 2017, Schroders launched an Asia-themed multi-asset income fund under the Mutual Recognition of Fund scheme. In 2018. Schroders launched its first private fund in China, underscoring its commitment to creating innovative investment solutions to cater to the unique investment needs of high net worth individuals and qualified institutional investors.

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