Senior Backend Software Engineer 高级后端软件工程师 (Java, NodeJS)

2021, July 5
Senior Backend Software Engineer 高级后端软件工程师 (Java, NodeJS) 5th July 2021

Our Company


AppInChina is a leading publisher of international software in China, publishing over 300 of the world’s most popular apps, games and SaaS platforms in the Chinese market. We’ve achieved 10x revenue growth over the past 3 years and are profitable without having accepted any outside investment.


Our goal is to build a global technology company that delivers a major positive impact on the world. We plan to achieve this by continuing to hire truly outstanding people, enabling us to further expand our range of products and services through ongoing innovation.










What do we offer?


– An exciting entrepreneurial environment within an internationally diverse team at an established, profitable and rapidly growing company.

– A fast-paced learning environment in which you’ll enjoy a high degree of autonomy in your work and have the opportunity to develop expertise across a wide range of services and client types.

– An amazing office space in China World Tower B in the centre of Guomao.

– Gold-level membership of Beijing’s best gym – Trainyard – worth CNY 18,888 per year.

– Good work-life balance and flexible working hours.

– 20 days of paid annual leave per year and up to 3 days work from home per month.

– Generous salaries and performance-based bonuses.

– Social insurance and housing fund payments based upon your pre-tax salary, as well as work visas for non-Chinese staff.














What will you do?


You’ll be responsible for delivering ongoing improvements to our current range of products (Analytics SDK, Payment SDK and API, Push Notification System, WeChat Customer Support System) and developing exciting new products according to the needs of our clients.


You’ll be working closely with our Operations Manager to understand the needs of our clients and with our CTO to integrate the products that you develop within our client and admin dashboards.


The products that you’ll be working on and building are used by many of the world’s largest companies across a wide variety of industries including: gaming; SaaS, education; fashion; e-commerce; real estate; and travel.


You’ll be rewarded according to the value that the products you build generate for our clients and our company.













What will you bring to our team?


Essential Skills

– Native-level Chinese.

– 3 to 5 years’ experience with backend languages such as Java and NodeJS.

– Experience working on large-scale projects.

– Experience with design and use of SQL databases.

– Experience with the use and development of APIs.

– Knowledge of software security.

– Strong work ethic, entrepreneurial mind-set, and independent attitude.

– Logical mind that can determine the best solution to issues and challenges as they arise, and design improvements to existing processes.

– Strong problem-solving ability and a high level of attention to detail.

– Love of learning that enables you to continuously improve your skill set and adapt to a rapidly changing industry.


Preferred Skills

– Fluent English

– Experience working with Javascript, WeChat Mini Programs and the Alipay SDK






– 汉语普通话流利。

– 3到5年使用Java和NodeJS编程的经验。

– 具有大型项目的工作经验。

– 具有SQL数据库设计和使用经验。

– 具有API使用和开发经验。

– 掌握软件安全相关知识。

– 专业的工作道德,具有创业精神和独立自主的工作态度。

– 拥有逻辑的思维,能够确定问题和挑战,出现时能提供最佳解决方案,并对现有流程进行设计改进。

– 较强的解决问题的能力和对细节的高度关注。

– 热爱学习增强自我,不断提高自己的职业技能,适应快速变化的行业状况。




– 英语流利。

– 拥有Javascript,微信小程序,支付宝SDK的工作经验。


How to apply?

Email your CV to us at:




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