Student Advisor

2023, May 5
Student Advisor 5th May 2023


What you will do

  • Explain, organize and sell language travel programs in Singapore, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Shanghai to students, schools and agents
  • Assist new international students prior to and after arrival responding to inquiries via email and schedule online appointments to explain different programs
  • Manage admission and visa application processes for international applicants.
  • Update student records and issue invoices via our own company software – for a language school you might find our tech processes surprisingly well organized and sophisticated
  • Work with our local school teams before and during the program to ensure the homestays, courses etc. all run well
  • Trouble shooting: we are amazing planners, but when you send people all around the world living in a very different culture, sooner or later there will be some cultural, language or logistical challenges. If something goes wrong, we fix it.

Who you are

  • A language and culture enthusiast. You love learning languages, traveling the world and exploring different cultures.
  • You live in Taiwan, Mainland China, Vietnam or any location in East Asia with LTL presence.
  • You have traveled extensively – or even better lived – in East Asia
  • A fluent English speaker
  • Knowledge of German, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Mandarin, Vietnamese or Korean is a big plus, as is having learned any other language
  • Want to build a career in East Asia
  • Hard working, flexible, enthusiastic
  • You love your team and working together with others

What you will get

  • Opportunity to work around the world: work at one of our schools or online
  • Great career opportunities: we are expanding – you might just end up running a language school
  • Attractive base salary & commission
  • A dedicated team of language and culture nerds – if this is your tribe, we will be your home


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