Submit evidence to the International Trade Committee

2020, April 1
Submit evidence to the International Trade Committee 1st April 2020

The International Trade Committee welcomes submissions on some, or all, of the below points. Please download the response sheet here and submit your responses to by Thursday 16th April. 


The International Trade Committee in the UK Parliament is calling for inquiry to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on international trade. UK businesses engaged in international trade are currently experiencing uniquely challenging trading circumstances as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Supply chains are coming under severe pressure while, simultaneously, patterns of demand are deviating from expected trading norms. Concerns are being raised about access to essential goods for both consumers and public authorities. (link)

The British Chamber is now collecting submissions from members on the following points:

Terms of Reference:

  • What impact will the global COVID-19 pandemic have on UK businesses trading internationally, in the short-, medium- and long-term?
  • How effectively has the Government responded, both in the UK and in overseas posts, to the short-term negative impact of the pandemic on UK businesses trading internationally? What further steps could be taken to mitigate this impact?
  • What medium- and long-term negative impacts could arise from the pandemic for UK businesses trading internationally? What steps could the Government take to mitigate these impacts?
  • What steps can UK businesses take to mitigate the negative impacts of the pandemic on international trade?
  • How best can the UK Government facilitate trade in essential goods during the pandemic?
  • How should the Department for International Trade work with the rest of central government, as well as devolved, local and regional government, to deliver a coordinated response to the pandemic?
  • How can the UK Government engage with countries at the World Trade Organization and bilateral trading partners – including those with which the UK has a significant trading relationship or one facilitating trade in priority goods – to promote international cooperation and a coordinated global response to the pandemic?
  • How might the pandemic impact global trade patterns and international supply chains in the long-term?


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