Graduate Programme (Management)

2022, September 29
Graduate Programme (Management) 29th September 2022

Job description

The objective of the Swire Management Programme is to develop high performance, high
potential individuals into business leaders who share a common set of values. On the
Programme, you’ll have the option to explore different industries, functions, countries and
cultures while having the flexibility to hone your skills and gain experience in the areas that
interest you most. With frequent job rotations and extensive training and development
support, you’ll never stop learning.

Job rotations

Every few years, you’ll experience job rotations which will be driven by business needs, but
also take into consideration your preferences and aspirations. Depending on the Operating
Company you work in, the type of roles that you’ll get exposure to and the geographic
mobility will vary. Opportunities to move across operating companies are also available.
Training and development
We offer a comprehensive mix of experiential leadership training, industry-specific technical
skills training, and individualised functional and language training. You’ll also have the
opportunity to attend training at renowned business schools such as INSEAD in Singapore
and France.

Career progression

For the first three years, you’ll be a Management Trainee and, thereafter, provided you have
what it takes, you will become a Swire Management Programme Executive. The stronger
your performance and potential, the faster you will progress on our Programme. We
encourage and promote a high performance culture, with rewards and recognition in place to

Compensation and benefits

The Programme offers a highly competitive compensation and benefits package with a monthly starting salary of HKD31,000. If you’re based in Hong Kong, you will be provided with company housing for the first three years or a cash allowance of HKD12,500. You’ll then receive a cash allowance in subsequent years. If you’re based outside Hong Kong, you will be provided with company housing or a cash allowance. We also offer a leave passage allowance, an attractive bonus, medical coverage, a retirement benefit scheme and additional perks unique to Swire! If that sounds like you, visit to apply now!

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