The Inspiring Women Award – Sponsored by The British Council

2018, August 16
The Inspiring Women Award – Sponsored by The British Council 16th August 2018

With less than a month left until applications close for the British Business Awards, there is no better time for incredible women in British business to enter the Inspiring Women Awards – sponsored by the British Council. This award celebrates women who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and success in their field of expertise. The Award will shine a light on the achievements of women from all walks of life, and showcase examples of extraordinary courage, compassion, transformation, and triumph.

Carma Elliot CMG OBE, Director, British Council China; Minister (Culture & Education), British Embassy, Beijing stated that:“We are delighted to support two British Business Awards, both in areas that very much lie at the heart of the UK-China people-to-people relationship.

Through the ‘Inspiring Women Award’ we will recognise the leading role that women from all walks of life play in society today, including individuals who have demonstrated outstanding courage, compassion and achievement in their field of expertise.”

The Award:
The Award will go to an individual who has made a noteworthy accomplishment and/or had a significant impact on others’ lives. This person will be considered a role model for demonstrating an unwavering passion and commitment to empowering women and girls through their work, values, and beliefs.

This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of inspirational women who have gone above and beyond to tackle gender stereotypes; to build the aspirations of women and girls; and to champion the contribution of women in education, business and society.

Award Criteria:
• Candidates must be female Mainland Chinese or British nationals currently residing in Mainland China.
• Candidates should have made a positive contribution towards an individual or group over the past ten years.

Judges will look for evidence of the following:
• Has the candidate overcome personal and/or professional challenges in her work, or made a significant achievement?
• Has the candidate contributed to creating life-changing impact and opportunities for women and/or girls?
• Have the candidate’s actions resulted in economic, political and/or social improvements for women and/or girls?

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