UCL Annual Gala “Sound of Music”

2019, September 5
UCL Annual Gala “Sound of Music” 5th September 2019

In November 2019, a new group of students will bid farewell to UCL and become graduates. This year, UCL has prepared again a grand Graduation Ceremony for all new graduates in Beijing, so that students and alumni can celebrate their new achievements with their families, friends and teachers in China and share this special proud moment with them.

UCL Club of Beijing will support UCL with organization of this year’s Graduation Ceremony for China based on the previous two years’ experiences. The ceremony will be held in the Grand Hall at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing on November 30, 2019. President and Provost of UCL Professor Michael Arthur will lead UCL delegates to Beijing to award degrees to graduates.

After the Graduation Ceremony, on the same evening UCL Club of Beijing will hold a grand Annual Gala. The theme of this year’s Annual Gala is “Sound of Music”. Celebrated artists will present their renowned performances and use traditional Chinese instruments to play classical western music. At the Annual Gala, you can not only greet old friends but also meet new ones; meet teachers, political and business celebrities and learn about latest news from UCL and dance to sexy Salsa.

A fine dinner is indispensable for the Annual Gala once a year. UCL Club of Beijing, together with the chefs of the Four Seasons Hotel will serve excellent cuisine for all guests. Partners of UCL Club of Beijing will also provide exquisite gifts for our lucky guests. Welcome graduates, alumni and distinguished guests!

Relevant matters concerning the Graduation Ceremony will be notified by your registered email after registration. As for information regarding the Annual Gala, you are welcome to visit the Official WeChat Account: UCLClubofBeijingAlumni and website: www.uclbeijing.com of UCL Club of Beijing. We will post the Annual Gala progress from time to time. Thank you for your attention.

Register at : https://www.huodongxing.com/event/6505986418000

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