Wealth and Personal Banking Manager

2022, September 29
Wealth and Personal Banking Manager 29th September 2022

Wealth and Personal Banking is our new global business combining Retail Banking and Wealth Management; and Global Private Banking, to become a global wealth manager with USD1.4 trillion in assets.  Our dedicated colleagues serve millions of customers worldwide across the entire spectrum of private wealth, ranging from personal banking for individuals and families, through to business owners, investors and ultra-high-net-worth individuals.  We provide products and services such as bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages, as well as asset management, insurance, wealth management and private banking, that best suit our customers’ needs.


We are currently seeking an experienced professional to join our team.

In this role, you will:

  • 提供新产品培训,帮助客户获得更好的理财市场信息和解决办法。根据客户财务需求,提供合适的财富管理经验和良好的客户体验。
  • 帮助客户经理获得并加深客户信任,提高满足客户财务需求的有效性和质量。
  • 利用先进的技术专长,加强客户对汇丰在财富管理市场上的领先形象。
  • 帮助客户经理梳理客户财务组合,根据市场和政策变化,判断潜在机会并管理风险,对客户持有产品进行相应调整
  • 陪同客户经理约见客人,并基于产品和解决方法提供专业建议
  • 如果客户经理发现了客户需求只是保险,可以直接推荐给保险专家,保险专家可以继续销售并独立完成销售流程。
  • 利用专长给客户经理提供辅导和培训
  • 活动量要求:客户产品组合回顾;参与客户约见;小组培训和个别辅导;客户沙龙;角色扮演等




To be successful in the role, you should meet the following requirements:

  • 6年以上相关工作经验,如保险专家或财富管理专家
  • 或1年以上WPB支行行长经验
  • 良好客户沟通能力,能基于客户需求提供建议
  • 熟悉财富管理相关产品知识以及相关政策规定
  • 熟悉外部市场包括市场环境,新产品推出以及对目前产品市场的理解
  • 能够深度挖掘客户需求
  • 熟悉销售流程
  • 熟悉国际反洗钱规则
  • 具有团队合作精神
  • 熟悉国际和国内相关法律规定
  • 在某一领域特别擅长优先,比如房地产规划/退休规划/家庭保障/教育规划等。


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