British Business in China: Diversity & Inclusion Survey

British businesses in China believe that diverse and inclusive workforces bring significant benefits to their operations, and are committed to improving their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives and becoming more welcoming to a broad range of talent. Three in five respondents to the British chambers’ first D&I survey believe that creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce has had a positive impact on the performance of their business.

In BritCham China’s first survey of our members’ D&I programmes, fewer companies than the average across the Asia-Pacific have explicit D&I policies, but uptake of D&I programmes such as mentoring schemes, flexible work options and unconscious bias training is much more widespread.

This has translated to strong representation of female employees among respondents, particularly at senior levels where they hold represent half of all senior management. Nevertheless, there is still progress that can be made in terms of representation of other groups, particularly people with disabilities and foreign passport holders of colour.

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