The Sixth Plenum: China’s leadership adopts new historical resolution for only the third time in 100 years

At the Sixth Plenum, the 19th CPC Central Committee adopted a rare historical resolution on the “major achievements and historical experience” of the CPC in the century since its founding as well as its “future directions.” The Sixth Plenum was particularly important as it took place at a critical historic juncture in the CPC’s plans to achieve “national rejuvenation” through two centennial goals – the building of a “moderately prosperous society” by 2021 and transforming China into a “great modern socialist country” by 2049. In the “new era,” Chinese authorities can be expected to further intensify efforts to build a more self-reliant, sustainable, and inclusive economy at home, while pursuing an increasingly assertive foreign policy abroad. Going forward, businesses should be aware that the concept of achieving “common prosperity” will be at the heart of the official economic agenda.

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