[Beijing] Masterclass Series: Powerpoint Designing and Typesetting Skill Senior Level – The Road to PPT Master



Powerpoint Designing and Typesetting Skill | PPT专业呈现力训练课程
The course will  be conducted in Chinese. The course description in Chinese can be found below.
China-Britain Business Council and British Chamber of Commerce in China present our members a full day training of Powerpoint Designing and Typesetting Skill (Senior Level) in associate with Amcham.
Why are audiences impatient with my PPT? Why does the boss criticise my slides for being illogical? There’s no problem with your work, but your slides are not logical enough. We need the text in PPT to be more logical, the data in PPT more persuasive.
Our goal is to make your slides talk.
This one-day training will focus on 4 main areas:
  • How to build a clear instructor for your slide
  • Make your slide more intuitive by visualisation
  • Using professional charts to show your data
  • Presentation skill sharing
This one-day training will rebuild what you already know about PPT design so you can first understand your weaknesses. You will then try to present a logical report through visualisation so that the audience can easily understand your points.
Why you need this training: You will learn the skills necessary for successful PowerPoint so that it becomes a friendly and helpful assistant rather than a dreaded foe. You will be able to make more professional and aesthetically pleasing slides by learning tried and tested techniques. At the end of this training you will produce a professional PPT template to suit your needs.
If you need PowerPoint to convey your message more powerfully, this course is for you.
Attendees must bring a laptop with Office 2010 or higher.
Course Outline
1. The trouble confusing us in our slide
  • The wrong and right way to use PPT
  • Elements affecting the efficiency of PPT
2. Logic: most important things in your slide
  • Change your habit: begin with paper
  • Make the structure clearly
  • How to build a clear structure
  • The suggestion about building slide logic
  • Classic structure sharing
  • Show your logic through PPT
  • Practice: build a structure for your slide
3. Visualization: make your point more powerful
  • Edit the text information
  • Simplistic: the first step
  • Visualization: easier to read
  • The 4 rules in typesetting
  • Practice: visualize the text
  • Show your data in a better way
  • New habit: information—relationship—chart
  • How to let your chart be clear
  • Highlight the important data
  • Details in chart design
  • Style and polishing tables
  • Practice: rebuild the chart
4. Interactive: show a perfect presentation
  • Interactive experience in your slide
  • Interactive guide design
  • Tips in using hyperlinks
  • The animations needed in your presentation
  • Choose a right way to use animations
  • The suggested business animation effect
  • Presentations skills & Useful tools in presentation
  • Check notes in a presentation
5. Sharing: PPT tips and discussion
Coffee, lunch and light refreshments will be provided during breaks.
08:45 – 09.00 Registration
09.00 – 12.00 Morning Session
12.00 – 13.00 Lunch
13.00 – 16.00 Afternoon Session

Zheng XUE, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is the Office Special Trainer for MBA classes at Tsinghua University. He has been given Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) annual awards since 2010.

He has acted as a trainer and leader of office skills program for Microsoft’s employees, delivering the Microsoft Office‘s application skills and using values. He graduated from Beijing Normal University, where he studied pedagogy and psychology.
Registration Information
You must register in advance. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Attendees need to pay by 11 January 2018. Limited spots are available and attendance is given on a first-come, first-served basis.
Cancellation policy
Please email jia.wang@cbbc.org.cn to cancel your registration if you cannot attend. 97% of payment will be refunded if the cancellation is made by 11 January (inclusive). No refunds will be made after 11 January 2018. If you fail to notify Britcham/CBBC, we regret that you will forfeit any fees paid.
英中贸易协会、中国英国商会与中国美国商会携手于2018年1月18日(周四)08:45 – 16:00,在中国美国中心会议室(北京市朝阳区金桐西路10号 远洋光华国际 AB座6层)推出“基本技能培训: PPT专业呈现力训练课程(高级)”。
为什么观众看我的 PPT 没有耐心?为什么老板批评我的 PPT 不知所云? 不是您的工作出了问题,而是您的 PPT 表达不够完善!我们需要 PPT 上的文字更有逻辑性,让 PPT 中的数据更有说服性!
我们的目标是:让 PPT 开口说话!
  • 如何构建清晰明确的幻灯片逻辑;
  • 利用图示让 PPT 文字内容更清晰直观;
  • 用更为专业的数据图表有效呈现信息;
  • 分享 PPT 演示技巧。
我们的课程会与您分享 PPT 设计与美化的技巧,让幻灯片成为完美的视觉表达工具。通过本次课程,你将会利用所学技巧做出更专业、更美观的 PPT;在培训结束的时候您会收获一份亲手改良的工作 PPT 模板。
如果你希望提高幻灯片专业度和美观度,同时需要基于企业 PPT 模板,制作出高质量幻灯片,那么这个培训是为你量身定做的!
请携带装有Microsoft Office 2010或以上版本的中文或英文版本的笔记本电脑前来上课。
08:45 签到时间
09:00 – 12:00 上午课程
12:00 午餐休息
13:00 – 16:00 下午课程
薛峥老师为清华大学MBA课程外聘讲师,为清华MBA学生主讲职业素养系列课程。连续6届微软最有价值专家(Microsoft Most Valuable Professional),致力于企业办公效率与办公技能提升的培训与知识分享。同时薛老师还担任微软认证技术专家,通过微软全球技术测试获得微软技术认证,成为微软认证技术专家(MCITP)。金山 WPS 认证讲师,参与金山 WPS 企业培训师计划,获得金山公司办公软件认证培训师称号。曾担任微软内部员工Office办公技能培训项目培训师及项目负责人,从Office 软件制作厂商系统Office 的应用价值和使用技巧。对于Office 办公软件培训有丰富的课程设计及授课经验,擅长为企业定制培训课程和搭建培训体系。
1. 工作报告型 PPT 的常见问题
  • PPT 使用的是与非
  • 影响 PPT 呈现效率的问题
2. 逻辑的有效构建——幻灯片的筹备
  • 改变习惯:从构思幻灯片开始
  • 让思路更清晰
  • 如何建立幻灯片的逻辑结构
  • 经典逻辑结构解析与创建
  • 其他逻辑结构分享
  • 利用 PPT 呈现整体逻辑
  • 实战训练:构思幻灯片逻辑
3. 信息的有效呈现——用图说话
  • 文字类信息的加工与呈现
  • 化繁为简:文字信息处理基本功
  • 用图说话:文字信息更有效的提升
4 大排版守则:让文字信息更具专业性
  • 实战训练:文字信息的视觉化改进
  • 数据类信息的加工与呈现
  • 改变习惯:信息—关系—图表
  • 让图表清晰的重要原则
  • 如何突出重要数据——图表的“神解读”
  • 细节至上——让图表排版更专业
  • 表格信息的加工与美化
  • 实战训练:数据图表的构建与完善
5. 思路的有效引导——演示 PPT 的技巧
  • 让 PPT 演示具备交互式体验
  • 交互式目录导航的制作
  • 超链接的灵活运用
  • 演示必备的动画效果
  • 何时使用动画
  • 简单大方的商务展示动画
  • 演示技巧
  • 场外援助——PPT  展示辅助工具和  PPT 展示技巧
  • 另有准备——在播放 PPT 的同时查看备注
6. 分享:PPT 使用心得

Event Details

Start date: 2018-01-18

Start time: 08:45

End time: 16:00

Venue: AmCham China Conference Center, Beijing

Directions: The Office Park, Tower AB, 6th Floor, No. 10 Jintongxi Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100020 北京市朝阳区金桐西路10号 远洋光华国际 AB座6层 中国美国中心会议室

Phone: 010-8525 1111 ext. 371

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