[Changchun] CBBC Members’ Delegation to Northeast Asia Expo



CBBC is proud to announce a Member Delegation to visit Jilin Province for the 11th China-Northeast Asia Expo from 31 August to 2 September 2017. Members of CBBC and the British Chamber of Commerce in China are invited to join and take advantage of top-level government access and meetings with this region’s vast major businesses, which are driving regional transformation into a modern, outward-looking economy at the gateway to Northeast Asia.

Why attend?
This is an excellent opportunity to speak to senior decision-makers and to open government and business doors in Northeast China in the company of CBBC’s local business experts. Companies in various sectors will benefit; please see details below.
•             The large scale expo and programme are adaptable to your requirements.
•             Meet heads of government departments

Sector focus
•             Intelligent manufacturing
•             Financial innovation
•             International commodities
•             E-commerce
•             Food
•             Pharmaceuticals
•             Tourism
The programme is designed so that delegates may attend different sessions of the expo according to their requirements. Delegates may also choose other meetings from the full expo programme. 代表团成员可以跟主团也可以按照大会议程选择分会场参会

31 Aug | 8月31日
The main meetings that our delegation will attend are 代表团主要活动:
14:40-16:30 the 11th Northeast Asia Expo Jilin Provincial Investment Cooperation Seminar  第十一届中国东北亚博览会吉林省投资合作说明会 (Venue: Conference Centre, Changchun Songyuan Hotel, 地点:长春松苑宾馆会议中心)

1 Sept | 9月1日
Main meetings that our delegation will attend代表团主要活动:
10:00-11:20 Opening Ceremony of Northeast Asia Expo and 9th High-level Forum on Northeast Asian Cooperation 东博会开幕式暨第九届东北亚合作高层论坛 (venue: International Conference Centre, Changchun International Expo Centre,长春国际会展中心国际会议厅)
Delegates may also choose visiting expo pavilion 同时可以参观展区
13:30-17:00 International Production Capacity and Equipment Manufacturing Cooperation Forum装备制造和国际产能合作大会 (venue: Hyatt Hotel, 长春凯悦酒店)
13:30-17:00 1st Northeast Asia Cross-border E-commerce Summit 首届东北亚跨境电子商务峰会 (venue: International Conference Centre, Changchun International Expo Centre,长春国际会展中心国际会议中心)
15:00-17:00 Gongzhuling Investment and Cooperation event公主岭市投资合作说明会(venue: Musical Hall, 2nd Floor, Changchun International Expo Centre,长春国际会展中心国际会议厅二楼音乐厅)
17:00-19:00 Buffet 餐叙

2 Sept | 9月2日
Main meetings that our delegation will attend代表团主要活动:
09:30-11:30 “Made in China 2025” in Jilin中国制造2025吉林论坛 (venue: International Conference Centre, Changchun International Expo Centre,长春国际会展中心国际会议厅)
14:00-15:00 Meeting with Department of Commerce, Jilin 与吉林省商务厅会晤(TBC)

3 Sept | 9月3日At your choice 自由选择
All the delegates are invited to visit Gongzhuling city with free accommodation provided on the night of 2nd of Sep. (travel to gongzhuling city on 2nd of Sep.)

4 Sept | 9月4日 At your choice 自由选择
9:00-18:00Business Matchmaking event for PIGA-Partnership for investment and Growth in Africa中国(吉林)与非洲四国农业合作暨企业对接研讨会(venue: Hyatt Hotel, 长春凯悦酒店)

Attendance is free of charge for CBBC members. Local transportation for all delegates will be covered by the local government and some accommodation costs may also be covered; please enquire for details.

About the China-Northeast Asia Expo

The 11th China-Northeast Expo is approved by the State Council and jointly hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission and China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the People’s Government of Jilin Province. It will take place in Changchun International Expo Centre from 31st August to 5th September 2017 and will be a major platform for friendly exchanges, economic promotion and multi-field cooperation among China and Northeast Asia countries as well as other countries in the world.

Please contact CBBC in Shenyang and confirm your attendance before 16th August 2017:
+86 (0) 24 2334 1600
+86 (0) 24 2334 2112

Event Details

Start date: 2017-08-31

End date: 2017-09-02

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Changchun International Expo Centre and other hotels

Directions: Changchun, Jilin Province

Phone: +86 (0) 24 2334 1600; +86 (0)24 2334 2112

Email: cathy.chen@cbbc.org.cn; catherine.cheng@cbbc.org.cn

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