Interpretation Meeting on Taxation Policy


In order to help enterprises in Beijing better understand taxation policy, Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau, Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation, Beijing Local Taxation Bureau and Beijing Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment will co-hold “Interpretation Meeting on Taxation Policy” in Beijing in May 23th, 2017. We will invite leaders from Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation and Beijing Local Taxation Bureau to interpret taxation policy and answer the questions you mentioned in “Participation Receipt” (see the attachment) in the Interpretation Meeting.

In order to ensure high-efficiency of the Interpretation Meeting, please submit in written form your questions (written in Chinese) which need to be answered by Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation or Beijing Local Taxation Bureau. In principle, temporary questions will not be answered during the Interpretation Meeting. Arrangement of the Interpretation Meeting is as below.




Presenter: Leader from Beijing Investment Promotion Bureau

09:30-10:00  Participants sign-in.
10:00-10:05  Presenter introduces leaders.
10:05-10:20  Leader from Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation interprets taxation policy.
10:20-10:35  Leader from Beijing Local Taxation Bureau interprets taxation policy.
10:35-11:20  Principals of relative divisions in Beijing Municipal Office of State Administration of Taxation answer questions.
11:20-12:05  Principals of relative divisions in Beijing Local Taxation Bureau answer questions.
12:05-13:00  Working lunch in Honghe Hall in the 2nd floor of Guest Greeting Building

We sincerely invite you to participate in the Interpretation Meeting. If you accept our invitation, please fill in the Participation Receipt (see the attachment), which should be sent to us before 3 o’clock PM in May 8th, 2017. We suggest you had better submit your Participation Receipt written in Chinese in the form of WORD, so that we can input your participation information in time.

In order to collect the information on your enterprise’s investing or increasing capital in Beijing in 2017 and provide good services for your enterprise, please fill in “Information Collection Form of Project in Beijing in 2017” and send to us if your enterprise has any project on investment or capital increase in Beijing in 2017. Thank you for your supporting our work.

Please attend the Meeting with your Participation Receipt.
RSVP: Sun Fengjun
Phone: 65543163/13911998079

Event Details

Start date: 2017-05-23

Start time: 09:30

End time: 13:00

Venue: Yihe Hall in the 2nd floor of VIP Building of Beijing Guoyi Hotel 北京国谊宾馆贵宾楼二层谊和厅

Directions: No.1 Wenxing East Road, Xicheng District, Beijing 北京市西城区文兴东街1号

Phone: 65543163/13911998079


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