[London] CEIBS 3rd Europe Forum 2017-China’s Outbound Investment: How the UK Benefits from China’s Economic Growth


As the global economy is stumbling along in a slow recovery, it has become the order of the day all over the world to step up regional cooperation to drive economic growth. More than three years ago, in response to economic globalization, China brought forward the Belt and Road Initiative, which was aimed at boosting the common prosperity of China and countries along the Belt and Road. China and countries concerned are exploring the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative and its role in promoting win-win cooperation. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, cross-border direct investment is at center stage in economic cooperation. The scope of investment has been expanded from infrastructure, including energy, transportation and network, to emerging sectors, such as e-commerce, financial technology, and smart manufacturing. As for the financing model, while setting up the Silk Road Fund as a sovereign investment fund and initiating the establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and China-Central and Eastern Europe Investment Cooperation Fund to attract more capital from across the world, China is pressing ahead with the tie-up between government institutions and social capital providers to create new financing mechanisms. The Forum will begin with experts’ probe into the characteristics, patterns and trends of China’s outbound investment in light of the Belt and Road Initiative.
The UK has long been a Mecca for Chinese investors by virtue of its favorable investment climate and the complementary advantages in economy between China and the UK. Despite the spill effects of the Brexit Referendum and government reshuffle, China-UK relationship continued to grow in 2016, which marked the beginning of a golden era for the bilateral ties. Industrial cooperation and mutual investment between the two nations have made huge strides: Chinese enterprises’ investment in the UK ran the gamut from real estate to new energy, finance, top brands, sports and life services, covering almost all of its dominant sectors; China and the UK not only scaled up cooperation in infrastructure, energy, transportation, and industrial manufacturing, but also tapped into the third-party market, which was expected to be a new engine of growth for the two sides. In light of the Belt and Road Initiative, how will businesses in China and the UK identify new opportunities based on existing cooperation? How will they push forward Chinese companies’ investment in the UK for industrial integration and complementarity? Flush with funds, Chinese enterprises excel in manufacturing and Internet-based business, while their UK counterparts boast cutting-edge technologies and a large talent pool. How will the two sides work together to make inroads into the third-party market? How will the financial industry, an important bond connecting China and the UK, boost bilateral commercial cooperation?
CEIBS, a world-class center of excellence in China-related issues, is organizing the 2017 China-UK Forum, which will bring together top-level officials and experts from China and the UK, and a delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs, Chinese investors, and executives of Chinese banks. The Forum will combine the discussions that center on investment with case studies at thematic sessions to provide you with not only insights into new trends and prospects for China-UK cooperation, but also opportunities for interaction with enterprises from the two sides.
13:00-13:30 Registration
13:30-13:45 Welcome Address
  • Prof. Li Mingjun, President & Professor of Management, CEIBS
  • Mr. Sun Yu, President, CCCUK; General Manager, Bank of China London Branch
  • Mr. Angus Knowles-Cutler, Vice Chairman and Chinese Services Group Leader, Deloitte UK
Moderator: Prof. Katherine R. Xin
Associate Dean; Professor of Management; Bayer Chair in Leadership, CEIBS
13:45-14:15 Opening Address
H.E. Liu Xiaoming
Ambassador, the People’s Republic of China to the UK
Session I: Belt & Road Initiative: Implications for the UK
14:15-14:35 Keynote Speech: Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative
Prof. Yang Jiemian
Chairman, Council of SIIS Academic Affairs, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies
14:35-14:50 Keynote Speech: Belt and Road Initiative: New Opportunities for China-UK Cooperation
Ms. Catherine McGuinness
Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, the City of London Corporation
14:50-15:05 Keynote Speech: Pattern, Path and Trends for Chinese Enterprises’ Outbound Investment
Prof. Ding Yuan
Vice President and Dean, Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS
15:05-15:25 Coffee Break
Session II: China-UK Investment: Approaches to Win-Win Cooperation
15:25-16:25 Roundtable I: Greenfield Investment: Creating Value for Win-Win Outcomes
Moderator: Mr. Zhou Xin, Editor-in-Chief, Yicai Global
  • Ms. Rita Liu, Head of Europe, Middle-East and Africa, Alipay
  • Mr. Henry Sun, Chairman, NVC Lighting UK
  • Mr. Han Ruixiang, CEO, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (London) Plc
16:25-17:25 Roundtable II: Mergers and Acquisitions: Generous Returns from the Chinese Market
Moderator: Mr. David Percival, Managing Director of International Business Development at Deloitte
  • Mr. Frank Slevin, Senior VP, Sanpower Group; Chairman, House of Fraser
  • Mr. Yuan Ye, Managing Director, Hytera Communications Corporation Limited UK Branch
  • Mr. Philipp Lee, CFO, the London Taxi Company
  • Mr. Xu Lingjiang, Chief Representative, Fosun Group Lisbon & London Offices
17:25-18:05 Roundtable III: Cases about China-UK Cooperation in the Third-Party Market
Moderator: Prof. Ding Yuan
Vice President and Dean; Cathay Capital Chair in Accounting, CEIBS
  • Mr. Lu Ruquan, Director of International Department, China National Petroleum Corporation
  • BP UK (Invited)
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Event Details

Start date: 2017-07-06

Start time: 13:00

End time: 18:00

Venue: Auditorium Deloitte

Directions: 1st floor, 2 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3BZ

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