[Shanghai] CBBC China Outbound Seminar: Best Practices and Case Studies of Cross Border Transactions Under the New Capital Control Policy



Chinese Outbound Investment slowed down in 2017 after the rapid rise in 2016. One of the reasons for this is that China has tightened administrative reviews for capital outflows, including outbound foreign direct investment (OFDI). The new policy has re-shaped the composition of deal flow for investors, industries and other entities.

This is a policy that is unlikely to be removed any time soon and poses challenges for Chinese investors involved in cross border M&A. However, the new regulations also make a strong case for Chinese companies to continue to look to overseas markets for leading technologies or brands. In the long term, the policy will make Chinese companies more cautious in overseas expansion, thus increasing the success rate. Are there any practical solutions to the challenges that this policy creates? What are the best practices from a legal and financing perspective? How does this change the funding of cross border M&A? This seminar will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from a lawyer and banker who have hands-on experiences in cross-border transaction. They will shed light on this topic and share their experiences in case studies.



13:30-14:00 – Registration
14:00-14:05 –Welcome Remark: Weifeng Ma, Director, China Outbound, China-Britain Business Council
14:05-15:00 – Cross border deal structuring and case studies: Yu Chengzhi, Partner, Grandall Law Firm
15:00-15:45 – Financing solutions for cross border transactions: Yang Chen, Assistant General Manager of International Business Department, Bank of Shanghai Head Office
15:45-17:00 Networking

13:30-14:00 – 签到
14:00-14:05 – 欢迎致辞: 英中贸易协会中国境外投资总监,麻伟锋
14:05-15:00外汇新政下跨境交易的应对实操、架构设计以及案例分享: 国浩律师事务所合伙人,余承志律师
15:00-15:45 跨境交易的融资渠道和资金出境: 上海银行总行海外业务部见习总经理助理,杨晨
15:45-16:00 问答
16:00-17:00 自由交流

Paula Chengzhi Yu,Partner, Grandall Law Firm

Paula is licensed to practice law in both China and the U.S.A. Paula obtained her J.D. at New York University School of Law and a obtained an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University. Her main practice areas are cross border M&A and financing, including legal due diligence, deal structuring, negotiation and preparation of definitive documets etc. Ms. Yu represents many Chinese companies that are investing globally, as well as assisting multinational corporations in their investments and operations in China. Paula regularly lectures at leading universities and companies on topics related to cross-border transactions.

She has extensive experience in cross border transactions. Below are some of her representative cases:

•         Represented Yinyi Group in its 1 billion Euro acquisition of a transmission manufacturer in Belgium.
•              Assisted Wangsu Technologies in its USD 200 million acquisition of CDNetworks in South Korea.
•         Represented a Chinese steel manufacturer in its establishment of a joint venture in India.
•              Assisted Pengxin Resources in its investment in a US based metal commodity trading company.
•         Represented Yinyi Group in the acquisition of a sensor manufacturer in Japan.
•         Assisted Highlander in the acquisition of a Hongkong shipping tele-communication company.
•         Represented 35.com in its investment in an Israeli high-tech company.
•         Assisted Dakang Pasture Farming Company in its acquisition in Brazil.
•         Represented a PE fund in its acquisition of IVF clinics in the United States.
•         Assisted Fundamental Film in its investment into a French public company.

余承志律师/博士 国浩律师(上海)事务所合伙人



·        银亿集团10亿欧元收购比利时邦奇公司;
·        银亿集团15亿港币收购日本磁簧传感器和光控传感器生产商;
·        鹏欣资源(600490)投资美国大宗商品贸易平台;
·        海兰信(300065)5.5亿人民币并购船舶通讯企业香港劳雷;
·        基美影业(430358)投资成为吕克贝松名下法国电影上市公司的第二大股东;
·        中国钢铁生产商在印度设厂;
·        并购基金3亿美金收购美国不孕不育医院;
·        网宿科技(300017)211亿日元收购韩国CDN运营商CDNetworks;
·        三五互联(300051)投资以色列芯片企业;
·        大康牧业(002505)收购巴西农产品贸易公司;

Yang Chen

Assistant General Manager of International Business Department, Bank of Shanghai Head Office

Bachelor of Business Administration, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Working Experience:
Yang Chen is in charge of innovation and promotion of cross-border financial products, and implementation of various core indicators of international business. During his term, Chen assisted in foreign currency increase from USD1.50billion to USD20billion for BOS, as well as international settlement has increases from USD30billion to USD100billion. Chen plays a significant role in promoting the international business of BOS. He was responsible for designing financial solutions for PP Live acquisition of the Premiership broadcast rights, Shanda privatisation and other large cross-border projects. He has a wealth of experience in cross-border financial services.

杨晨 上海银行总行海外业务部见习总经理助理/国际贸易融资部高级经理


全面负责上海银行跨境金融产品的创新推广、以及海外业务条线各类核心指标的落实推进工作。任职期间全行外币业务资产规模从15亿美元上升至200亿美元,国际结算总量从300亿美元上升至1000亿美元,对上海银行海外业务的发展起到了较大的推动作用。曾负责设计PP Live收购英超转播权;盛大网络私有化等大型跨境项目的金融服务方案,拥有丰富的跨境项目服务经验。
Please RSVP with the following information: company, name, phone number, position, email address and any questions you may have.

Event Details

Start date: 2017-07-26

Start time: 13:30

End time: 17:00

Venue: British Centre

Directions: 17th Floor, Garden Square, 968 Beijing Road West, Shanghai

Phone: 021 3100 7900, ext. 124

Email: jam.wang@cbbc.org.cn

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