Spotlight on Sustainability: Journey to Net-Zero

“As we launch this report, Spotlight on Sustainability: Journey to Net-Zero, it provides an important opportunity to reflect on the profound importance of climate issues and the imperative for concerted action on a global scale. Climate change is not a localised concern; it is an existential challenge that transcends borders, affecting every corner of our increasingly interconnected world. It is something that needs urgent attention and addressing, and China and the United Kingdom are in a position where, through collaboration and action, can be at the forefront of advancing a sustainable future.”

Daisy Shen, Head of Sustainability and Climate, KPMG China
At-Large member of the British Chamber Executive Committee


The British Chamber is delighted to present its latest report, “Spotlight on Sustainability: Journey to Net-Zero.” It details how British businesses are working in China to reduce their impact on the environment in collaboration with both domestic and international partners.

Presenting findings from member companies across the sectors represented by the Chamber, the report found that two-thirds of respondents had developed a plan to reduce their emissions to net zero. For those that had not created a net-zero plan, reasons such as a lack of resources, policy knowledge, or competing priorities stood in their way.

The study also notes how Chamber members are working across national boundaries to reduce their emissions in their Chinese operations, as well as around the world. Working with Chinese and international partners, members are creating green finance principles, testing new renewable sources of energy, and developing carbon capture and storage technologies. While the report acknowledges issues such as funding, investment, and balancing growth and sustainability, our findings suggest tangible methods for improving collaboration between the UK and China on this crucial issue.

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