Healthcare & Life Sciences

Forum’s Objectives
  • To provide a platform for information sharing on China’s healthcare sector including healthcare provision, aged health, digital health, healthcare training and other related fields for forum members through online library access, newsletters, roundtable discussions and seminars, featuring speakers from both British and Chinese institutions.
  • To promote the strengths of the UK healthcare sector and provide a point of liaison with the Chinese authorities where the UK’s opinion could be given on proposed market developments and regulatory issues.
  • To promote exchange with Chinese stakeholders including practitioners, regulators and central and local government.
  • To support the British Embassy and UKTI with senior level healthcare focused official visits and business delegations.
  • To advise prospective British entrants to the PRC healthcare market on regulatory and practical market issues.

The forum is chaired by Jenny Yao (KPMG) and John Williams (International SOS China).

Who should join

The forum invites BritCham and CBBC members with an interest in the healthcare sector to share expertise, experience and common concerns about the Chinese market. It offers members the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to discuss policy, regulatory and industry developments and issues from different perspectives.

Forum Chairs


Jenny Yao


Mr John Williams[3079]

John Williams

International SOS

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