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As the independent voice of British business in China, the British Chamber of Commerce regularly comments on key developments in the  Chinese business landscape. Our key annual publications – the Position Paper and Sentiment Survey – are regularly picked up by global media, providing an international reach for our members’ concerns; we also comment on ongoing policy developments as and when they arise.

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August 2023: UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly visits China

BritCham China Vice-Chair on Business Sentiment

“Up till now, we’ve really had warm words of welcome, but not so much in terms of actual action. Having UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly visit China is a really good step in the right direction, and it also brings the UK up to par with European leaders who’ve been visiting this year. We feel everything is going in the right direction, and hopefully we can move that dial from the “wait and see” approach that foreign investors have had so far this year.”

– Chris Torrens, Bloomberg TV, 30th August 2023

Relationship Reset? UK-China Ties

March 2023: China Reopens to All Visa Types

China to resume visa issuance for foreigners, fulfil its commitment in further opening-up

“We hope that these further steps will boost international interest in engaging with China and ultimately result in an increase in visitors to the country. This, in turn, would contribute to rebuilding trust, mutual understanding and mark another step toward restoring China’s image as a destination for international talent and business,” the chamber said.

Global Times, 14th March 2023

March 2023: Two Sessions and Greater Foreign Confidence

Chinese Premier Li Qiang launches confidence drive aimed at private sector and foreign investors

The British Chamber of Commerce in China said the continued focus on opening up, along with the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, had helped to gradually revive its members’ confidence in the past two months.

However, the uncertainty around the recovery of the Chinese economy and consumer demand, and the impact of geopolitics meant British businesses were “still cautiously optimistic about their growth prospects in the coming years”, the chamber said.

South China Morning Post, 13th March 2023

Foreign businesses, chambers see more opportunities in green development, tech innovations

“Despite the challenges that exist, we see great potential for British companies here in China in a wide range of areas including green development, technological innovation and healthcare. These are also areas of particular strength for British businesses and align with China’s focus on sustainability, quality and sustainable development,” the British Chamber of Commerce in China told the Global Times.

Global Times, 12th March 2023



参考消息 (Reference News), 17th March 2023

December 2022: End of Zero-Covid

China Eases Zero-Covid

Still of MD Steven Lynch on BBC World News, discussing the end of zero-covid in China.

As China eases zero-Covid, Steve remarked: “Unsurprisingly, Covid controls have completely hampered British business operations. We have seen significant negative trends when it comes to sentiments, business operations and investment decisions. The pessimism level is at its highest that it has ever been.“

The data was collected between 12 October and 4 November, and indicated that sentiment was feeding into decision-making and action.

“We have seen very, very dramatic changes in the last two weeks, certainly in the last two days. I think that’s been positive in one aspect but very concerning in another, regarding the speed of change. We are going to see a Covid wave hit China and what that means for business operations is slightly concerning.”

BBC World News, December 2022

Foreign firms: China ‘turns corner’ by ending quarantine

The British Chamber of Commerce expressed hope China will restart normal processing of business visas to allow “resumption of crucial people to people exchanges.” It said that will “contribute to restoring optimism and reinstating China as a priority investment destination.”

Associated Press, 27th December 2022

China’s nixing of quarantine rules gives hope to travelers

The British Chamber of Commerce also hoped China would restart normal processing of business visas to allow “resumption of crucial people to people exchanges.”

DW, 27th December 2022

December 2022: Launch of the Sentiment Survey 2022

Expect ‘enormous inconsistencies’ between China’s local and central Covid policies: BritCham China

Steven Lynch of the British Chamber of Commerce in China says “we’re about to see an exit way” from China’s zero-Covid policy.

CNBC, 8th December 2022

British chamber welcomes new COVID efforts; firms cutting risks

During an online media launch of the organization’s annual report on business sentiment in China on Thursday, Julian MacCormac, chair of the chamber, said: “The measures that have recently been announced are very, very welcome. It’s something that we as a chamber have been asking for — greater clarity, measures to really help us understand first what the business environment will be like next year, and that’s really what members have been calling for. We’ve got commitment to act. That’s very, very welcome.”

China Daily, 9th December 2022

British chamber in China calls for ‘greater engagement’ amid rising tension

“A lot of our companies point to China and to its massive market potential, and that’s been the case in the past few years and the whole time. Businesses are operating and investing here because of China’s great potential,” said Rachel Tsang, who has been appointed managing director of the British Chamber effective January 2023.

Global Times, 13th December 2022

China Covid: British firms call for ‘clarity and stability’ after Beijing scraps some controversial virus curbs

Changes to virus policy and management protocols have restored much-needed optimism among member companies, the British Chamber of Commerce in China said on Thursday.

However, uncertainty and unpredictability remain, both in regards to controls and transparency of the business environment, said Alexandra Hirst, senior policy analyst at the chamber.

South China Morning Post, 8th December 2022

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