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2018, January 25
Digital River World Payments 25th January 2018

Expand your online sales into China and beyond with our local expertise. Think local, act global.

Digital River World Payments (DRWP) is a global Payment Services Provider, delivering online payment acceptance and optimization solutions for a wide variety of industry verticals.

DRWP offers more business model options than anyone else in the market; allowing you to create a tailored payments strategy. No matter which service model is used, reports and operational processes will be the same.

Merchants all over the world are taking notice of Asia Pacific; home to 60% of the world’s population and some of the most promising growth economies, including China—the largest e-commerce market in the world and one of the most diverse regions when it comes to payments. Understanding the local e-commerce payment preferences is crucial. DRWP can help you make the most of this massive market potential with speed and minimal investment.

DRWP helps you reach more customers by offering one of the world’s most popular payment options – UnionPay, which is the payment method of choice in the rapidly expanding China market. As a global acquirer and partner with UnionPay International, DRWP is at the forefront of their expansion and able to offer customers seamless access to markets in every corner of the globe. By displaying the UnionPay logo next to other payment options, you can immediately boost your store’s revenue potential.

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