2018, January 25
JEJE Co Ltd 25th January 2018

What We Do?

  • Licensed (Exclusive) Chinese market agent for EU and the  UK brand names, based in EU & the UK
  • Brands have access to and manage their own products and buyers (devotees) database online
  • Brands can meet their buyers (devotees) directly online and offline
  • One-stop E-Commerce platform and mobile software
  • Online software+offline luxury experience at our luxury clubs,  boutiques, resort areas and top tourist attractions
  • OEM & OES one-stop management

Added Value:

  • Luxury concept and value cultivation for Chinese consumers
  • Extreme luxury China leader & fashion guide
  • Get-together platform for China & the UK/EU elites
  • Luxury encyclopedia maker
  • JEJE takes care of everything: local payment, pre-sale experience, group ordering, press sale, bulk sale, delivery and after sale care
  • Loyalty and Devotees Economy: buyers become devotees of the brands, they give ideas on designs, brands know exactly what buyers want by seamless direct communications and interactions both online and offline meetings
  • Our aim is to create a complete Value Chain for each brand and its factories, to create a Get-together and M&A platform for the brand and its factories
  • Chinese/UK & EU talents database in designing, branding, marketing, sales, IT etc.
  • Charity platform focused on education & training of talent











高超的品质和工艺(High Quality)

具备竞争力价格(High Competitive Price)

汇聚最具有知名度和影响力的品牌(High Brand Awareness)


以超越一般 产品的威信(Prestige)


UK Address
2D St Omer Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU12DB, United Kingdom
China Address 
15-23/F Guotai Building, Renmin Road, Zhangjiagang, Jiangsu, 215600, China

Julia ZHU 朱慧
Tel: +44 (0)1483846745

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