Justin Culkin

2023, September 16
Justin Culkin 16th September 2023

At-Large | Business Development Director, A Trails 

I am the Business Development Director at A Trails, a comprehensive travel provider for business and leisure travellers. With eight years of experience across marketing, sales, and events, I have worked in various industries including F&B, media, and entertainment. Born, raised, and educated in the UK, I have been living in China for the past 13 years, with ten years in Beijing and three years in Dali, Yunnan.

As an advocate for immersive and sustainable travel, I have explored many regions of China, believing that authentic experiences, cultural interactions, and human connections truly inspire and transform the soul. I enjoy meeting and bringing people together, thrive off building trust and relationships, but most importantly achieve fulfilment by creating value for people.

I greatly admire the chamber’s tireless dedication to supporting British businesses in China and fostering such a vibrant British-China business community. If given the opportunity to join the executive committee, my goal is to champion small businesses like ours and ensure SMEs are given the voice and support they deserve. As we navigate into the post-COVID era, I understand the challenges we face and strongly believe in the importance of knowledge sharing, community engagement, and creating opportunities for one another. I aim to bring a fresh perspective to the chamber, leveraging my China expertise and experience to benefit our member community in any way possible.

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