Back-End Software Engineer

2020, July 6
Back-End Software Engineer 6th July 2020

Back-End Software Engineer (Java, NodeJS, PHP) – Beijing
后端软件工程师(Java、NodeJS、PHP)- 北京

Our Company
AppInChina is a Beijing-based tech company that enables companies to localize, publish, promote and monetize their apps in China. Our platform enables our clients to publish their app on the major Chinese Android app stores and reach over 1.1 billion devices.
AppInChina是一家创立于北京的科技企业,主要服务为完成应用程序在中国实现落地、发布、推广以及盈利。我们的平台帮助客户的程序发布覆盖超过 11 亿台设备,我们帮助客户在国内的主流安卓手机市场发布和推广他们的应用。

What do we offer?
– An exciting entrepreneurial environment and a team of smart, highly-motivated colleagues to work with and learn from. – An amazing office space in the heart of Guomao, including free membership of Beijing’s best gym: Trainyard. – Flexible holidays and work times. – Generous salaries and the opportunity to receive shares in our company. – Pension contributions, insurance (medical, maternity, unemployment, and occupational), and housing fund payments based upon your full pre-tax salary, as well as work visas for non-Chinese staff.
– 不仅拥有令人兴奋的创业环境,还能与一支聪明、积极进取的团队一起工作和学习。 – 位于国贸的核心区舒适的办公室环境,雇员还可获得北京最棒的健身房Trainyard免费享用权。 – 灵活的假期和工作时间。 – 丰厚的薪水和获得公司股份的机会。 – 给予规定的保障待遇,包括五险一金。同时为非中国籍员工提供工作签证。

What will you do?
You’ll be working closely with our developers and operations team to develop exciting new products for our clients in the areas of analytics, payments, and Android SDK’s.
您将与我们的开发和运营团队密切合作,在分析、支付和 Android SDK 领域为客户开发令人兴奋的新产品。

What will you bring to our team?
– Experience with backend languages such as Java, PHP and NodeJS. – Experience with design and use of SQL databases. – Experience with the use and development of APIs. – Experience working with Javascript, WeChat Mini Programs and the Alipay SDK is preferred. – Knowledge of software security. – Native-level Chinese language.
– 后端语言的经验,如Java、PHP和NodeJS。
– 设计和使用 SQL 数据库的经验。
– 使用和开发 API 的经验。
– 对Javascript、微信迷你程序和支付宝SDK有丰富经验者优先。
– 软件安全知识。
– 母语中文。

How to apply?
Email your CV to us at:

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