Graphic Designer

2023, September 7
Graphic Designer 7th September 2023

We’re looking for a creative and passionate individual to join us and contribute their unique style to Moka Bros!


Position: Graphic Designer (Full-time)                                                       Closing date: 30 of November 2023

Location: Beijing World Trade Center (Main Location)                                Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


Job Description:


Since 2013, Moka Bros has been inspiring everyone to “Eat Well, Feel Good”! With multiple branches in Beijing and Shanghai, our company is full of energy and currently in an active phase of expansion. The Marketing Department is seeking a creative Graphic Designer to join us in collaborating on various tasks, including producing online content (such as social media, member systems, and sales platforms), preparing offline materials (such as event promotions, product packaging, and store decorations), as well as handling occasional photo shoots and creating short videos.


We need you to adhere to the brand’s visual identity and create original designs. You’ll work closely with the team to determine strategic directions and independently and efficiently produce visually creative solutions that align with business goals. This requires proficiency in design tools, relevant experience in brand marketing projects, sensitivity to trending lifestyle concepts, enthusiasm for new technologies and media, a willingness to learn and experiment proactively, and an open-minded and diverse perspective with an international outlook.




  1. Proficient in graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Experience in video editing and product photography is a plus.
  2. 2+ years of graphic design experience, preferably in branding and event design; background in design and visual arts, experience in the F&B industry as a designer or marketing coordinator is preferred (recent graduates are welcome to apply).
  3. Digital Marketing:
  • Collaborate with the entire creative team in the marketing department to prepare marketing materials. Independently create posters, brochures, and similar assets.
  • Understand brand marketing, grasp brand tone, and effectively capture attention in the communication process.
  • Assist in managing social media platforms, posting content, and engaging with users to enhance online brand exposure.
  • Assist in planning and executing email marketing campaigns, maintaining contact with customers, and providing product information.
  1. Marketing Activity Support:
  • Assist in the development and implementation of marketing and promotional activities, including promotions, product launches, exhibitions, etc., to drive product sales and brand awareness.
  • Assist in planning and executing the marketing event calendar, ensuring that events run smoothly as scheduled.
  1. Strong communication skills, able to effectively convey information, and provide constructive feedback.
  2. Excellent time management. Attention to detail and the ability to prioritize tasks accordingly.
  3. Strong self-learning ability and resilience under pressure.
  4. Strong writing skills, capable of independently handling public content editing and creation (e.g., WeChat).
  5. Proficiency in English reading is a plus.



Salary to be discussed



Free Moka Bros staff meals, permanent 50% employee discount, 7 days of paid annual leave, various holiday benefits and coupons.


Please send your resume and portfolio to and

Phone: 15911069322 (Same as WeChat number)



工作岗位:平面设计师(全职)                                                 招聘截至日期:2023年11月30日

工作地点:北京世贸天阶(主要)                                              工作时间:周一至周五10:00-19:00










  1. 精通平面设计软件Adobe Illustrator、Photoshop和InDesign。具有视频剪辑和产品拍摄经验者优先。
  2. 有2年以上的平面设计,品牌活动设计经验;设计,视觉专业,有餐饮公司设计师,市场专员等从业经验优先(可接受应届毕业生)。
  3. 数字营销:
  • 与市场部整个创意团队合作,准备市场宣传资料,独立制作海报、宣传册等。
  • 懂品牌营销,理解品牌调性,传播过程能吸引注意力。
  • 协助管理社交媒体平台,发布内容、回应用户互动,以增加在线品牌曝光。
  • 协助制定并执行电子邮件营销活动,与客户保持联系并提供产品信息
  1. 营销活动支持:
  • 协助制定和实施市场推广活动,如促销、产品推介、展览等,以推动产品的销售和品牌认知。
  • 协助策划并执行市场活动日程,确保活动按计划顺利进行。
  1. 有沟通技巧。能有效传递信息,能建设性反馈意见。
  2. 会时间管理。注重细节也能按照轻重缓急灵活安排工作。
  3. 自主学习能力强,抗压性强。
  4. 有一定的文字功底,可以单独完成公众号编辑及发文。
  5. 有英语阅读能力者优先。


报酬 &福利:

  • 薪资:面议
  • 免费Moka Bros 工作餐,员工永远五折消费,7天带薪年假,节假日各种福利券
  • 请将简历和设计作品集发送至 电话:15911069322(同微信号)

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