RB donates £5.5 million to combat Coronavirus

2020, February 17
RB donates £5.5 million to combat Coronavirus 17th February 2020

Dettol (RB) donates RMB 50 million (£5.5 million) in cash & antibacterial products to combat the Coronavirus outbreak in China

27 January 2020, Guangzhou, China and Slough, UK – RB, the makers of Dettol and Lysol, the global leading antibacterial and disinfectant brands, is working with relevant healthcare authorities and NGOs in China to provide essential disinfectant products and funds to combat the outbreak of Coronavirus.

In the early stages of the outbreak, RB immediately coordinated RMB 600,000 worth of soap and sanitizer products to help meet the cleaning and disinfection requirements in Wuhan’s hospitals.

In response to the latest needs of the epidemic prevention, RB is now in contact with local healthcare authorities to upgrade our support.  An additional RMB 20,000,000 worth of disinfectant supplies has been arranged to help to minimise the further spread of the virus.  A further RMB 30 million in cash will be donated to support frontline health workers in the promoting of hand washing as an effective method to break the chain of infection.

Commenting on the outbreak, RB CEO Laxman Narasimhan said: “We immediately mobilised our experts in China and beyond as soon as the outbreak was identified.  In addition to the moral responsibility we feel, we also have an important functional role to play in enhancing personal disinfection through providing enhanced access to products which can break the chain of infection.  Simple steps such as frequent hand washing will aid the many efforts the Chinese government is already putting in place to protect citizens across the region.”


*RB is the trading name of the Reckitt Benckiser group of companies

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