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What is the purpose of our forums?

Our 11 industry forums enable you to meet regularly with peers from your sector to discuss pertinent common issues and to bring up questions relating to your industry. 

Created for and led by our members, they enable you to stay up to date with industry developments and to focus on the issues affecting your line of business.

What activities do forums undertake?

Each forum convenes four times a year. Discussion themes are conceived by forum members to tackle topical issues. Whether it is updates from expert speakers, details of lobbying activities, or simply networking, our forums are another way to help you get the most from your membership.

Each forum also has its own online page, allowing you to comment on posts, start and join discussions, and pose questions to other members and to BritCham staff.

How can I join a forum?

Details of forum meetings can be found on the forum pages of our website. Just visit the forum page of interest and click "Join Forum", which will give you instant access to all content. 

Alternatively, please contact us directly to find out more and to learn about upcoming activities. Email anne.zheng@cbbc.org.cn for more information.

Our Forums

Education Education
Energy Energy
Finance Finance
Government Relations Government Relations
HR & Training HR & Training
Healthcare Healthcare
Infrastructure & Property Infrastructure & Property
Legal Legal
Media & Comms Media & Comms
Retail, Food & Drink Focused on the retail and food supply chain in China
SME & Entrepreneur The SME & Entrepreneur Programme is designed to support small corporate member companies
Young Professionals Young Professionals
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