Branding &Marketing Manager

2024, January 18
Branding &Marketing Manager 18th January 2024

Branding &Marketing Manager


  1. Take full responsibility for marketing promotion, brand building, and product promotion following the company’s business objectives.
  2. Analyze the company’s product sales, develop the annual marketing plan, and collaborate with regional sales leaders to execute the marketing plan.
  3. Evaluate various promotional projects, participate in crafting promotion strategies tailored to the company’s needs, and provide strategic suggestions for marketing plans; implement diverse marketing activities, allocate resources effectively, and guide the sales team in achieving sales targets.
  4. Familiarize oneself with the company’s product list and support the sales department in planning and creating product promotional materials, pricing, and channels.
  5. Research and collaborate with the sales team in developing and integrating online and offline channels and other sales channels, and establish effective promotional policies.
  6. Work with the sales department to integrate external media and other resources, organize, plan, implement, and execute advertising and various public relations activities, especially new media promotion plans.
  7. Develop and revise sales and marketing department work policies and process standards, and supervise the implementation of salary and performance evaluation plans.
  8. Provide market training support.
  9. Oversee daily operations of the department’s employees, promote team building, foster a positive work environment, enhance unity and cohesion, and create conditions for employee growth.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher in marketing or a related field.
  2. At least 3 years of marketing experience in the real estate leasing industry (or magazine editing experience) is preferred, including more than 10 years in a similar role.
  3. Deep understanding of marketing practices, familiarity with sales operation models, and channel development for domestic high-end leasing businesses in the market.
  4. Strong market perception skills, ability to keenly grasp market dynamics and trends, and capable of managing large-scale events on site.
  5. Hardworking, proactive, with excellent communication, coordination, and organization skills; high work enthusiasm and strong teamwork spirit.
  6. Passion for product promotion, ability to adapt to short-term business trips, and commitment to long-term company growth and stability.

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