Key Account Manager

2024, January 18
Key Account Manager 18th January 2024

Key Account Manager


  1. Responsible for the development and expansion of the company’s design and decoration business.
  2. Responsible for customer contact, negotiation, and maintaining customer relationships.
  3. Leading the bidding work and participating in the implementation of preliminary projects.
  4. Deeply understand customer ideas and needs and connect with the company’s internal resources.
  5. Achieve the company’s overall performance target for the region.


  1. College degree or above in design, decoration, or related majors, with a good appearance and demeanor.
  2. Three or more years of experience in developing and expanding design and decoration business is preferred.
  3. Experience in interior design, procurement, budgeting, or engineering work in the design and decoration industry is preferred.
  4. Experience in sales of furniture, carpets, and other interior decoration materials is a plus.
  5. Outstanding business development and sales abilities.
  6. Strong initiative and communication skills.

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