CRM Specialist

2022, March 4
CRM Specialist 4th March 2022

The Client Relations Management team (CRM) is part of the Marketing Department within Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU/BJH). Members of the CRM team deal with mostly foreign relations within the international communities in Beijing, and also work with global and local famous corporations. Understanding and empathizing with the needs of this specific target audience is a must, in order to build and maintain positive, stable and fruitful relationships.

The goals of the CRM team are in line with the overall hospital strategy, such as growing our (international) patient base and safeguarding the excellent image UFH has within the communities.

Keeping a good record of our contacts and activities provides the solid base CRM relies on. Active input from the whole team is necessary to achieve this. Improving work processes and team efficiency is an ongoing process, which requires all team members’ support and flexibility. Organizing and attending events may require evening and weekend commitment.

Summary of responsibilities:
– Marketing events and promotion support
– Outreach to foreign communities support
– Organize and coordinate the medical talks to promote the medical
– Main and develop the important client’s relationship including embassies,
chambers, corporations, international schools
– Administrational tasks, such as database management, agreements &
contracts, payments, mailings
– Membership management support
– Give English and Chinese hospital tours
– Organize in-house community events
– Sponsorship management support
– Support with B2B sales promotion
– Promote satellite clinics and support clinic-marketing work: clinic
anniversary, marketing events, ceremonies, etc.
– Support the CRM team’s daily operations

Supervision received:
CRM Manager

Bachelor’s (University) Degree
Excellent people skills
Honesty and integrity

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