Deputy Head of School (Whole School)

2023, December 11
Deputy Head of School (Whole School) 11th December 2023

A Harrow Beijing education is one that is built around excellence with the important aim of producing globally aware citizens able to thrive in whatever they do. Harrow is very proud of its heritage and educational experience which has been in existence for over 450 years.

At the heart of our unique educational philosophy is the importance of our school community and the relationships between staff and students. As a school we recognize the importance of intellectual curiosity and breadth, and we aim to ensure every student is known, nurtured, and encouraged to turn their abilities into achievements.

Everything we do at Harrow Beijing encourages our students to develop themselves holistically, so they become rounded and balanced, ethical, moral people who care about the world around them.

Teachers are the backbone of the school where excellence is our expectation. Currently, we employ over 180 teachers principally coming from the UK, China, Australia, New Zealand, the US etc. All of our teachers are highly qualified and experienced experts in the disciplines they teach. The diversity of our teaching staff is a strength of the school and a characteristic of our community that we are extremely proud of.

Candidates in the UK can attend an onsite interview at Harrow UK on 20th January 2024.

Essential Requirements

·        We are looking for a timetabling and data/logistics specialist with wider leadership experience.

·        Demonstrate at role model level the Code of Conduct of Harrow School staff.

·        Demonstrate the ability to adapt and assimilate to HBJ culture and at the same time appreciate the local culture.

·        The ability and willingness to inspire others; leading by example, role modelling the School’s vision statement: ‘Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership’ in relationships with students, colleagues and parents.

·        Role model the process of self-reflection and improvement

·        Ability to act and lead in a calm and collected way in a complex organization and in a changing Chinese environment.

·        A strong understanding and experience of the international education, general curriculum and current theories and practices of pedagogy and assessment.

·        Proven skills and ability to demonstrate leadership, flexibility and creativity.

·        Ability to demonstrate strong leadership within financial disciplines and compliance and at the same time provide value-adding services to the school.

·        Ability to manage staffing issues especially be able to mentor and coach others.

·        In-depth knowledge in organization development, international and external communication.

·        Knowledge of risk management.

·        Proven skills in achieving international accreditation and established relationships and networks within the educational community.

·        Excellent inter-personal skills with students, colleagues and parents.

·        Excellent administrative, organizational, and ICT skills.

·        Direct experience in a dynamic international school environment taking a senior leader’s role.

·        Experience in change management.

·        Experience in coaching and mentoring others.

·        Experience in managing public relations especially the direct experience in dealing with parents and community.

·        Experience in enhancing the School’s extra-curricular enrichment programme.

·        Engage constructively with critical feedback to improve one’s own performance

·        Advanced degree in Education and/or Educational Administration

·        Appropriate teaching qualifications and experience.

Please visit the Harrow Beijing careers portal to see the full breakdown of responsibilities and complete an online application.

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