Marketing Specialist

2021, September 18
Marketing Specialist 18th September 2021

Job Description

1. To develop and execute a strategic marketing plan with measurable outcomes to achieve assigned BJM’s business
2. Obtain and analyze market research, competitor strategies and industry trends, report on a monthly basis
3. Manage the development and use of marketing and promotional materials (including
advertising, brochures, WeChat, Weibo, etc.)
4. Develop new clinical service sales plans, packages and promoting new onboard physicians.
5. Plan and oversee events as assigned
6. Develop community relationships through active involvement in community organizations and partnerships
7. Plan and oversee sponsored community events such as health screenings and health fairs
8. Stimulate internal cooperation or referrals among clinics; maximize use of existing patients’ resources.
9. Set up relationship with new potential cooperate members and maintain good relationship with them.
10. Further develop any potential opportunity to growth or promote health services.
11. Elevate new branding to the market and community by any opportunity.


1. Bachelor’s (University) Degree
2. At least three years of sales/customer experience in account management.
3. Result driven
4. Previous experience of managing accounts and relationships for multiple clients, will also need experience of presenting to clients at a senior management level

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